4027635Van Halen’s Diver Down exemplifies what the 80’s Hard Rock and Heavy Metal scene were all about, fun and high-spirited. This was a time when music seemed a bit more colorful, bright and laid back. The Arena Rock generation kicked into high gear with Van Halen’s Diver Down, in my Metal opinion. This album had captured that mood and energy of Arena Rock, mixing in a bunch of fun too. The fun part of this album is Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now) and Happy Trails. It seems only David Lee Roth could pull off these songs while fronting the biggest Hard Rock act in the world, these two songs were never meant to be taken serious, Metal be thy name.

A grin and a chuckle is a cool reaction to certain songs, I still smirk to these tunes after all these years! Now, cover songs are always a shady area for any band to venture into, I truly feel Van Halen pulled it off with Diver Down. Where Have All The Good Times Gone by The Kinks is not sugar-coated here, it bluntly Rocks! (Oh) Pretty Woman by the late & legendary Roy Orbison is covered masterfully with a sound that is in my opinion, Metal.

I always felt Van Halen is at times Hard Rock and other times Metal, depending on which song you listen to. Listening to any Eddie Van Halen guitar instrumental such as Intruder and you identify that Metal sound instantly. Hang ‘Em High Rocks hard, bordering that fine line of Metal. Dancing In The Street is covered with the spirited energy and Hard Rock power that makes this song really soar, for me.

In Metal summary, yes, buy this album and know you are getting a genuine mix of fun, cover songs, Hard Rock and Metal. What more could you ask for… especially if it’s Classic 1982 Van Halen!

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