8983095If Metalcore is the blend of all things great about the numerous genres of Heavy Metal, then All That Remains is simply great. On “Overcome” you will hear diversified vocals, from melodic to Death grinding and everything in between. Musically, All That Remains should hold their heads up sky high, they have established the fact they not only can play, they are a cohesive band that can air it out with the best of them! Oli Herbert is as complete a Metal guitarist you will ever here, this album is overflowing with his remarkable speed, leads, riffs, hooks and solos. A pure Metal delight to listen to Oli Herbert, WOW. As for the songs, not one filler here. Each song leads to the next with ferocity and aggressiveness that only enhances each second of this entire album. It is a good thing there is a melodic nature to All That Remains musically, otherwise this album would detonate from the extreme, blistering Metal and speed that fuels it! My favorite track here is “Days Without”, it carries out the melodic vocals with aggressive Metal like no other song I have heard before. “Before The Damned” opens up “Overcome” with pure Metal efficiency, indicating that All That Remains is not messing around, no pretensions, just Metal. On “Relinquish”, Philip Labonte is at his best vocally, lean, mean, and full throttle. Apparently, based on everything I have stated, it is my opinion that All That Remains “Overcome” is an excellent purchase and should be embraced by all Metal fans.

The liner notes are 12 pages of complete lyrics, with extended artwork and credits.


  1. ATR has gotten consistently better album by album. Oli is an amazing player. He’s melodic but still maintains the heavy thrash sound. Great band and an amazing guitarist. I also believe that Metalcore is comprised of the best elements of metal. But its easy for a band to get cought up in the Metalcore sound and become repetitive and generic.

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