8845752When I purchased “Nostradamus”, I knew I was not going to hear the “British Steel” or “Screaming For Vengeance” versions of Judas Priest. Based on pre-release Judas Priest interviews I read, I knew this release was going to be epic, and experimental. What I did not realize was just how powerful, how prolific of a masterpiece “Nostradamus” would be! The life story of Nostradamus is told here, through the masterful song writing and musical arrangements of Glenn Tipton, Rob Halford and K.K. Downing. Judas Priest does experiment with the music, yet it is done with such decadence, true musical genius and art in the arrangements of every song. You will hear plenty of chorus, orchestration and soft interludes and intros. However, Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing, with their signature guitar sounds, bring this epic life story of Nostradamus to musical heights I never expected! Rob Halford gives the songs the deepest of emotional highs and lows, depending on the theme of the song itself. Rob Halford has elevated himself as a vocalist, with “Nostradamus” he is the premier, theatrical, Metal statesman. Musically, what Judas Priest accomplished here are moments of Heavy Metal, chilling, haunting melodies and orchestrations and moments of sadness where I truly became moved emotionally. “Lost Love” is one incredible, sorrowful song that really made an impact on me.

Each song leads into the next, a constant flow of continuous music. I most certainly will be listening to “Nostradamus” very often, the intricacies, innuendo, musical arrangements and lyrics are vast and need to be thoroughly enjoyed still. This is most definitely an album I will listen to and hear something new each time, a musical moment that I overlooked or just never caught with my ears before. Ian Hill on bass and Scott Travis on drums are not to be ignored, they too have contributed to “Nostradamus” flawlessly. I highly recommend “Nostradamus” to all Judas Priest fans, open minded Metal fans and anyone who wants to hear this story be told through Heavy Metal and beautiful music combined. I will applaud “Nostradamus” by Judas Priest for the rest of my life.

The liner notes are 24 pages of complete lyrics, a concise written history on the life of Nostradamus, extended artwork that is incredible and credits.

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