8040531Krokus does it again, bringing their brand of Metal to us and I am enjoying every heavy second. Krokus has their own originality, they do a nice blend of heavy and slow beat Metal, sprinkled with a tad of retro style ’80’s Metal here too. Hangman and Midnite Fantasy will have you thinking it is 1984 all over again, but for us older Metalheads it’s that trip down memory Metal lane that keeps us buying up these older Metal bands in the first place! Marc Storace is still belting out the vocals for Krokus, and he sounds great as ever. Marc Storace wrote the words and vocal melodies for every song here, showing how tried and true a Metal veteran and talent he is. Mandy Meyer plays lead guitar with old school brilliance, as a band this is quite a cohesive Metal unit. Dominique Favez (rhythm guitar), Tony Castell (bass), and Stefan Schwarzmann (drums) round out the lineup. Yes, it is not the original Krokus lineup anymore, yet how many original Metal lineups are left out there anyway? If you want to enjoy a good and heavy rockin’ Metal album, buy this and delve deeper into the Krokus catalog and see why this band deserves to still rock with the best of them today.

3 Responses to “KROKUS – HELLRAISER”

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  2. This a great album. I can’t wait to hear the new one.

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