8182138Nazareth “From The Beginning” is simply a must buy for all Nazareth fans. This is a nifty package of Nazareth goodies, you get a 13 song concert, 7 music videos and photo galleries of each band member including the entire band. You are getting 20 different songs to hear and see performed! Since 1968, Nazareth has treated us all to a Hard Rock plethora of music, with moments of Heavy Metal (which I really like) such as “Hair Of The Dog”. The cover song “Love Hurts”, (originally by the Everly Brothers), is the biggest radio hit for Nazareth and definitely performed here. You will see there are so many solid Hard Rock songs to enjoy as well. “From The Beginning” goes deeper into the Nazareth catalog of songs, an inspiring look and tribute to an influential band. The concert is top notch quality, both sight and sound. Manny Charlton gives an introduction before the concert, insight from the original guitarist is a real treat. This concert brings to light how hard working, hard Rocking and blue collar Nazareth was and still is. This concert is from the late ’70’s, and I really enjoyed it. The 7 music videos are from 1977-1980, these are videos done well before the ’80’s video revolution, therefore you will see real Rock & Roll videos done at a more raw, informal and natural state. The photo galleries are as advertised, photos that depict each band member in various settings and moods. Nazareth, as you will see them here are: Manny Charlton on guitar, Dan McCafferty on lead vocals, Pete Agnew on bass & backing vocals and Darrell Sweet on drums, percussion & backing vocals. There are no liner notes or lyrics with this dvd, only credits and a brief intro on the dvd box. This dvd is worth picking up, it will not collect dust in my collection, that is for certain.

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