8253542For starters, Dokken “Unchain The Night” went gold when it was released back in 1986 on vhs. The re-release now includes 4 bonus videos – “Walk Away”, “Dream Warriors”, “Heaven Sent” and “Burning Like A Flame”, plus a recent interview with Don Dokken and Mick Brown together. This interview proves to be both candid and insightful, regarding topics such as musical points of view and touring. The videos will definitely take you back to the ’80’s, when you would wait to see these Dokken videos be played on television. Everything from the hair & fashion to the way Dokken would pose while performing for these videos, give it that ’80’s metal gloss and sheen all over it! It’s not just fun to watch, it is the music of course that really makes the videos and Dokken does not disappoint at all. George Lynch being a key part of all the music and videos is what makes this so nostalgic. George Lynch’s guitar licks with Don Dokken’s vocals made for a formidable one-two punch back then. The backstage and touring footage will give you a vantage point of seeing Dokken uncut and informal, which is a cool thing. The special effects and animation in “Dream Warriors” and “Burning Like A Flame” were attention grabbing then, they will still entertain now. There is no liner notes or booklet to be found, however, the added 4 bonus videos with the Don Dokken & Mick Brown interview more than makes up for it. Dokken fans need to add this cool dvd to their collection. New fans or Metal fans in general should enjoy the music, storytelling and backstage content, after all it is an ’80’s history lesson in this genre of Metal.


  1. I had no idea that this had been rereleased and expanded…..must find it! There are parts of this video that were kind of ridiculous (the Germany footage sticks out), but I generally remember it very fondly. Great find!

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