8680313It is refreshing to hear a group of young and talented musicians like Black Tide play Metal with a flair of old school flavor. Black Tide mixes it up with some Thrash and straight on old fashioned Heavy Metal. You are not going to hear over aggressive and over the top Thrash with “Light From Above”, nor will you hear commercialized Heavy Metal. “Light From Above” is a solid and tight album throughout, Lead vocalist and guitarist Gabriel Garcia is a future star of Metal. He can not only play well, his voice is taylor made for Metal, both the fast and slower songs. Yes, “Shockwave” is catchy and fast, do not overlook that this entire album is quite better than the opening track. “Hit The Lights” is covered here nicely, a fine compliment to Metallica. Alexander Nunez on guitar, Zachary Sandler on bass and Steven Spence on drums round out Black Tide, they have all done a great job on their first release. The liner notes are cool with lyrics, background art, credits and band photos. It makes the Metal community feel confident knowing younger bands like Black Tide are taking the torch of Metal and running with it.

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