7744738The birth of Helloween all began with the release of “Walls Of Jericho” in 1986. The overall atmosphere of this album is dark and creepy, raw and yet filled with the exuberance and freshness of Power Metal that was duly needed for the time. With searing guitars, a tad of Thrash, a dose of melodic Metal, you will hear Helloween’s version of Power Metal! This expanded edition is so great, for it includes live bonus tracks that capture the energy and untamed, vigorous enthusiasm of Helloween’s musical prowess unleashed! The tracks “Starlight”, “Murderer”, “Warrior”, “Victim of Fate” and “Cry For Freedom” are all original songs found on the rare “Helloween” EP. This is a remarkable package of classic and early Helloween, the bonus studio tracks only enhance and heighten the reasons why Helloween was and still is a premier Power Metal band, probably the best. “Reptile” is a chilling, yet fun Metal track that has the raw quality that also packs a punch. “Gorgar” and “Phantom Of Death” are the examples of the dark side that Helloween plays off of so well. The overall arrangements, structure, music and lyrics are profoundly well done for a young Helloween of 1986. Kai Hansen proved to me then he was well qualified for Power Metal vocals, however new vocalists have come and gone for Helloween and this band has never skipped a beat. Helloween “Walls Of Jericho” in my opinion, was not just groundbreaking for this band, it was an Earth cruncher and a musical gift for the Power Metal genre.


  1. Just picked this one up. I’ve been digging on Helloween and Gamma Ray for about three years now but I’ve only just managed to get a copy of this.

    Its weird to hear Kai’s early voice, and its weird to hear Helloween so heavy. But man, its good 🙂

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