8310268Geddy Lee, Neil Pert and Alex Lifeson have not only put out a sensational album with “Snakes & Arrows”, the three musicians have shown the world what quality is about in writing and playing music. Geddy Lee on vocals sounds like gold. It is a necessary mention that Nick Raskulinecz produced this gemstone along with Rush. Nick has recently produced the latest releases for Shadows Fall and Death Angel, the list of bands he has made shine keeps growing. A great track to start with here is “Armor And Sword”, this is a deep song relating to the struggles one has to endure before they reach their heaven, suggesting our own personal defenses we put up can also defeat us. I honestly can say that Neil Peart is one of the greatest lyricists of our time, to take a moment and enjoy just the lyrics of “Snakes & Arrows” is a treat. “Far Cry” starts off the album, this will have you knowing that Rush as a cohesive unit they are, knew to incorporate their individual, unique musical brilliance and in unison jam a lead that makes this song sound epic. “Hope” and “Malignant Narcissism” are the two instrumentals, both are reminiscent of past Rush instrumental greatness combined with a textured sound of what Rush is today. The liner notes are brilliant, with all of the songs lyrics, along with artistic photographs and images that assist in telling each songs story. World class musicians are Rush, with unparalleled song writing and lyrics. This album rocks and the lyrics make you think, there is nothing wrong with that at all.

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