Metal Church - the dark - promo album cover photo - 2013

If you are looking for a legitimate, classic, vintage Thrash Metal album that pounds away with pure power, here it is…. Metal Church “The Dark”. Released in 1986, this is one great album. Every song has its own signature of heavy, with undisputed and undeniable riffs and solos. The late David Wayne is at his very best on “The Dark”, giving the entire album that eerie feel through his vocals. The lyrics are without a doubt cool and to the point, not going overboard with unnecessary shock and awe imagery. This is why “The Dark” works so well, the music truly fits the lyrics, the melancholy and spooky moments align fittingly for this reason.

“The Dark”, “Psycho” and “Method To Your Madness” are three songs that embark on the symbolism and identity that Metal Church strove for here, simply legendary Metal tunes are they. “Western Alliance” is a great tune that will make you stop and think, it eerily symbolizes what actually is happening in the world today. Without any hesitation, make this an album to add to your collection of Metal. You will find that you won’t be afraid of “The Dark”, you will love it!

The liner notes are 8 pages of complete lyrics, credits, thank you’s and a full-page – full color photo of the entire band. (a cool photo it is). Metal Church on this album was: Kurt Vanderhoof on guitar, Craig Wells on guitar, David Wayne on vocals, Duke Erickson on bass and Kirk Arrington on drums & percussion.


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4 Responses to “METAL CHURCH – THE DARK”

  1. such an incredible album. i’ve covered ton of bricks and watch the children pray in a few bands.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Metal Church is as essential a band from the 80’s as ANY other “critically acclaimed” and over promoted band from that era.

      The Metal world NEEDS a Metal Church lineup once again…

      Your post(s) about meeting Metal Church are a fabulous read.

      • The world does need Metal Church to continue on, I mean them along with Overkill, Testament, Exodus, and the Big Four make up my BIG EIGHT of Thrash, That would be one hell of a tour with all 8 bands, sadly Metal Church is out of the game because their record label they were on collapsed and they decided to call it a day after that, there last album was fantastic though, Wayne was incredible as a vocalist, sadly he is gone hanging out with Cliff Burton, Bonzo, Hendrix, Dio, Rhoads, Dubrow, and all the other musicians who have left us.

  2. As much as I love this album, I still think that their debut is still their best. Thankfully I had the chance to see the band twice with David Wayne on vocal duties. One of the gigs being the fantastic Marquee gig with Metallica as support playing as The Four Horsemen.

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