Metal Church - This Present Wasteland - promo album cover photo - 2013

Metal Church has proven that greatness is “This Present Wasteland.” This album is so incredible, I encourage even Hard Rock fans to dive into it! Metal Church over the years have incorporated Heavy Metal and Thrash into their own blend of powerful Metal sound. Ronny Munroe on vocals is prolific and should be heralded as one of the best front men in Metal today. Ronny, without a doubt, is an inspirational Metal vocalist, who makes these songs on this album jump out at you and come to life. “Monster” and “Crawling To Extinction” are unreal with the intensity of the music and delivery of the vocals.

Lyrically, all the songs make sense, especially “Monster”, where the internet has clearly taken over someone’s soul. “The Company Of Sorrow” and “The Perfect Crime” define which direction this album really goes, which is a non stop, Heavy Metal Thrash bounty of greatness. This is honestly one of the best Metal albums of 2008. Metal Church deserves all the respect and adulation they receive for “This Present Wasteland”, this is a band that has defined what survivors means and defied any critics along the way.

The Metal Church lineup is Kurdt Vanderhoof on guitar, mellotron, mini moog (and a true Heavy Metal hero), Ronny Munroe on vocals (who is astonishing with his range), Jeff Plate on drums and percussion, Rick Van Zandt on guitar and Steve Unger on bass and backing vocals. Important to note are the special guest musicians here; Angus Clark plays lead guitar on “Monster”, Chris Caffery plays lead guitar on “Mass Hysteria” and Matt Leff plays lead guitar on “Congregation”.

The liner notes are super with complete lyrics and credits, along with artwork created by Metal Church fans from all over the world. The artwork from the fans is really cool, a perfect addition to the total package here. This is one incredible Metal album, “This Present Wasteland” is a purchase no Metal fan will regret, it will only be revered!


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