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SCORPIONS – ‘Big City Nights’ – A Look At A Terrific Greatest Hits CD From 1998

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Many years ago, I bought this cool Scorpions CD: Big City Nights (Rebound Records). I remember buying it new and it was pretty cheap; the price was around $5 or so. I believe it was Walmart that had this CD too; sometimes my memory amazes me, despite not remembering what I ate for dinner yesterday. Truth. Here is a one-sentence rant before I continue: Scorpions should be inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame!!

Okay, I shall continue onward. I love this band. Every era of Scorpions I love. I was fortunate to see them headline the M3 Rock Festival back in 2010, with my great/best Metal Buddy Scott Coverdale. What a fun time. Just about every song on this Big City Nights compilation was performed by the Scorpions at that M3 Rock Festival; at least to the best of my (once again) amazing memory. Chuckle, chuckle. I’ve presented the tracklist for this CD below, no worries.

I have grown extremely tired of Still Loving You and I’m certain I’m not alone. That song never really hit me. No big deal for it’s the only Scorpions song out of their iconic catalog that I just skip over. Rock You Like A Hurricane is teetering on the edge of being tiresome for me. What saves this song for me at this point is the guitar solo. Enough negativity! I do get psyched out of my cranium by Can’t Live Without You, No One Like You, Big City Nights and Rhythm Of Love. All these songs I’ve mentioned in this post are on this CD.

I’m happy I bought this Scorpions CD when I did. I have no plans to get rid of it either. That’s a good thing, due to my selling off of many CDs in recent years. As you look over the tracklist on the back of this CD, you’ll see there are 4 songs that are live versions. The live songs are from the stupendous World Wide Live from 1985, with the exception of Wind Of Change which is from Live Bites (1995).

Granted, this CD compilation is missing many classic Scorpions songs; heck, it’s only one CD and I’m certain it was never meant to be a definitive Scorpions greatest hits package. Thank you for visiting Metal Odyssey, I truly appreciate it. Please stay safe out there, help out one another and… Metal Be Thy Name. – Stone





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San Diego throwback rockers KING GORM have just released their new single “Beyond Black Rainbow” via their Bandcamp. The song is recommended for fans of Rainbow and Deep Purple.

Listen to the song here:

Track Listing:

2. Freedom Calls

3. Four Heroes

4. Irondale Burning

5. Song From Brighter Days

6. Beyond Black Rainbow

7. The Witch of Irondale

8. Slaughter the King

9. Ultimate Reality

Francis Roberts – electric guitar, vocals, music & lyrics (Old Man Wizard, ex-Dread Crew of Oddwood)

Erich Beckmann – bass guitar (Kirby’s Dream Band, Grim Luck)

Dylan Marks – drums, percussion, vocals (Beekeeper, Fermentor)

Saki Chan – Hammond organ, ARP Odyssey, mellotron, vocals


Source: Dewar PR



Please Support The Frankie Banali Medical Fund

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Hi Headbangers,

As most of you know, Frankie Banali, drummer and manager of QUIET RIOT has been battling stage four pancreatic cancer for the last year. He is putting on a brave fight and punching cancer in the nose. However, with the spring and summer shows canceled or postponed because of the pandemic he now faces a struggle to cover the ever-mounting medical expenses. His friends Peter Beckett (of the band PLAYER) and his wonderful wife Eden started a go fund me to help raise funds for his battle. If you can chip in it would be greatly appreciated. We know this is a terrible time for everyone. If you are unable to, please share. Thank you and stay safe and healthy out there! 

The entire Banali, and Hands on Productions family

Go Fund Me:



JUDAS PRIEST – To Headline Rebel Rock Fest On September 18th

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Let’s only hope the festival season can get rejuvenated once again, especially by this mid September. God only knows what this coronavirus has in store for us all. In the meantime, I believe it is healthy to look towards the future and scope out the concert and festival dates that are currently being planned in months ahead.

Judas Priest headlines the Rebel Rock Festival, on September 18th, in Orlando Florida at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. This year is marking the 50th Anniversary of the iconic Judas Priest. Why Limp Bizkit is still a headliner is a scary mystery to me. Life surely is strange, indeed. I did check out this festival website and saw that Machine Gun Kelly is performing as a top bill too. Whatever. Judas Priest is king. Metal be thy name. – Stone



2020 – The Twilight Zone Has Arrived

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We are either in quarantine, total isolation, working from home, stricken by the coronavirus or we’re an essential employee being exposed on the front lines. My deepest condolences to those who’ve lost loved ones and/or friends from this evil virus. Please stay strong and heal fast to those currently suffering from any symptoms of coronavirus. I give the deepest appreciation to ALL the people of so many trades and occupations that are helping save lives and to those allowing our food supply chain to continue without problems. Other than the hoarding of food and wipe your ass products, society has been trying to do their part.

My day job is working full-time in a high traffic and extremely popular grocery store. I have seen first hand the panic persona of the general public. Trust me, it has been the most stressful I’ve felt in my entire life. However, I and the ENTIRE WORLD will get through this, together. I’ve turned to my family, friends and coworkers for moral support; without them I’d be a basket case. I strongly advise anyone staying home for whatever reason to do just that. STAY HOME. There are tons of food delivery services available, at your disposal. If you live in a rural setting, by all means go out and get your food and supplies.

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL EATERIES THAT ARE OFFERING TAKE-OUT!!!! If you can. I am scared out of my mind as to which food establishments in my neighborhood and surrounding area that will not survive this lock down. I am so saddened for my many friends that work as bartenders, waiters, waitresses, cooks, etc. that are in danger of never having their employer reopen. Plus, so many of these friends depended on tips to survive, outside of their hourly wages. Unreal sad.

My biggest pick-me-up during this pandemic has been music. Music soothes the soul and cheers me up like no other, save for my family. I’ve turned to METAL so much more since this Twilight Zone has started and I’ve also been lucky enough to have the spare dollars to support my favorite underground bands by purchasing their music online. If you have the spare $10, buy an album from a struggling band; so much money is being spent on charities as it is and all bands have had to cancel their tours.

In closing, THANK YOU for reading this. I never thought in a billion years I would be living in a Twilight Zone movie; yet here we are experiencing every grueling second of it. If I failed to mention anyone or any entity that is struggling during our global crisis, it is not intended and my apology is extended. As the mighty Tesla song goes: “HANG TOUGH”. Metal be thy name. Stone.

Charity Spotlight: Music Saves Lives

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Music Saves Lives builds blood drives, educate and connect life saving acts with music. Support their cause encouraging over 100,000 blood donations and help them raise over $200,000 to reach their goals. No wasting funds, no expensive offices. They spend funds where it’s needed. Donate here:




Rabid Assassin’s Thane Farace Severely Injured In Accident

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Guitarist/Vocalist Thane Farace of RABID ASSASSIN was severely injured in an ATV accident on April 24th, 2016 sustaining major damage to the left side of his body.

His injuries include:

Compound/Shattered collarbone
Broken shoulder-blade
Broken upper rib
Partially collapsed & bruised lung
Head laceration
Lacerations on back of shoulder

Thane Farace - injured - April 24 - 2016 - Rabid Assassin - #MO99099ILMFM

Dealing with the aftermath of his accident, Thane, a telecommunications subcontractor, has health insurance but due to his extensive injuries Thane is out of work for an extended period of time and needed to file for Short Term Disability. Upon filing, he found out that his Short Term Disability was never renewed for 2016. This poses a tremendous problem now as Thane has NO income to cover his current living expenses much less the new medical bills already rolling in.

Go Fund Me (Help Thane Farace) account has been setup for anyone who would like to donate to help Thane’s situation. [Click Here]  No money means no bills paid & potential loss of everything he has ever worked for. Whatever anyone can contribute will help tremendously. Please keep us all in your prayers.

Thane is back home on the mend and is providing daily updates on his healing process along with his struggles. Stop by and say hello and/or wish him well at







PRINCE – A Music Icon Now Rests In Peace

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Prince - Purple Rain - promo pic - #9900PF33

Over the past day, I’ve given much thought about the loss of PRINCE to the world of music. Little did I realize I would write this post in the manner I did. I live for Metal and still I live for music. As I began to break it all down, I realized how immensely important PRINCE really, really was to popular music. Below, I have attempted to look at the Popular Music world with the sad omission of PRINCE, as a bystander and not a fan.


Such amazingly sad news to know that PRINCE is no longer alive. Unreal. I truly enjoyed the music videos of PRINCE, back in the day. There was always so much going on in every PRINCE video; they were colorful in both the spirit of his songs and visually. MTV must have made tens of millions in advertising revenue from the PRINCE music videos too. Warner Bros. sure made a ton of money from PRINCE.

Like so many pop culture legends of the 80’s, the songs from PRINCE always make me reflect back to those days when all I had to worry about was myself and where I was going to party next. Like Whitney Houston, the songs from PRINCE were constantly played on the radio; avoiding them was impossible and I subsequently became a quiet fan of both of these music icons. These were the FM radio days and not the instant gratification of satellite radio (of the here and now) where stations are stylized down to a single artist.

Prince - 1999 - promo album cover pic - #MO0999INABJ

When I stop to think about it, there is absolutely no mainstream Pop or mainstream Rock artist alive today that has the talents, musical diversity, uniqueness, image, impact and charisma that PRINCE embodied. Michael Jackson and David Bowie are gone, so unfortunately cross them off your list. Please excuse me if I don’t consider Madonna as our crowning glory of present day popular music. Some may make the case for Usher, Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars having the same impact as PRINCE; only I feel they all fall just short of PRINCE. American Idol, The X Factor and The Voice never discovered anyone light years close to PRINCE. Nadda.

Lady Gaga is a bona-fide legend; only she copied from PRINCE, David Bowie, Cyndi Lauper and Madonna. Carrie Underwood is an unenergetic singing statue. Metallica just hibernates now and Van Halen are a pale ghost of what they once were. KISS is an iconic band in their own right, only they’ve had plenty of songwriting help over the years and suffered through an identity crisis during the 1980’s. Now you see my point? Seriously. All those boy bands that pop their immature heads out for every generation just plain suck. PRINCE was… PRINCE.

Prince - The Very Best Of - promo album cover pic - #MO099INH

PRINCE may have had his musical influences, still, PRINCE copied no one. Unlike today where it seems as if every mainstream Pop artist (and Country artist for that matter) is feeding off of each other like robotic copycats. Certainly, the Hard Rock and Metal worlds have their copycats too. Who is really left, in the mainstream world of Popular Music that leaves us all in both (original) entertainment and musical awe? The Rolling Stones, Elton John and Paul McCartney are well past their prime and God bless them for still going.

The Who lost their luster back when bassist John Entwistle passed away. Bruce Springsteen? Jon Bon Jovi? Nope. No comparison when it comes to the complete musician and songwriter that PRINCE was. With that said, comparing PRINCE to those aforementioned is comparing apples to cucumbers, in my opinion.

If I had to pick my 2 favorite PRINCE songs, they are: “Raspberry Beret” and “Little Red Corvette”. PRINCE truly was the total musical package. Growing up in the 80’s, PRINCE was an enormous part of American Pop Culture and his songs seemed to be played just about everywhere; from the video arcades to the roller rinks. I learned a long time ago that we cannot take our musical heroes for granted, they are just as human as we and share this planet with us for such a brief period of time. Rest In Peace, PRINCE. – Stone

Metal Odyssey - block logo - purple background - 2016 - #MO1999P


1958 – 2016.


Metal Odyssey’s Stone Has Several Very Brief Rants…

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Stone - Metal Odyssey - biting pillow - 2015 - #MO990099

Guns N’ Roses are having a reunion tour! Who gives a shit!? Not me.

GHOST won a 2016 Grammy for “Best Metal Performance” and… who gives a shit!

AC/DC are gonna tour with “guest” lead singers. AC/DC might as well see if Jim Nabors and/or Anne Murray are available to sing for them too.

What the freak is Baby Metal? NO, I don’t really give a shit.

IRON MAIDEN is still NOT in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, while Madonna was inducted into the hall back in 2008. What a bunch of stupid, stupid shit.

Supposedly, man walked on the moon. Guess what? I’m a billionaire.

Ted Nugent - President - 2016 - #MO99099ILN

A neighbor of mine still has their Christmas tree lit up at night, outside their front door. For real. Now, that’s some crazy shit.

My local Best Buy has Sunday store hours of 11:00AM to 8:00PM. Now, that’s some messed up shit. By the way, my local Walmart, Marathon and Kroger are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Someone should remind Best Buy that it’s 2016 and NOT 1980.

In the USA, the minimum wage back in 1988 was $3.35 per hour. In 2016, the minimum wage in Ohio is $8.15. You do the math and then look up what our USA politicians are worth. It’s bullshit.

Metal Be Thy Name. – Stone




Wisconson Hardcore/Metal/Punk Bands To Release Compilation In Protest Of Governor Scott Walker

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Unintimidated - wisconsin musicians against scott walker - promo banner - 2016 - #MOILMF996969

A group of local Punk, Hardcore, Metal and Indie musicians have teamed up in protest against governor Scott Walker. Led by DJ Hostettler (of IfIHadAHiFi) and Anthony Webber (of Heavy Hand), the bands have gathered together to release UNINTIMIDATED: Wisconsin Musicians against Scott Walker – a compilation CD/DVD that will raise funds for issues that Governor Walker reportedly detests. The compilation will also include an old-school cut-and-paste zine, and all proceeds will go to soup kitchens and Planned Parenthood.

DJ said about the compilation: “We’ve worked on this project for about a year now, hatching our scheme in February 2015 and moving from gauging interest in the bands, to securing a studio, to convincing an absolute murderer’s row of musicians, engineers, cameramen, editors, and gruntworkers to donate their time to a project that, in today’s political environment in Wisconsin, runs the rest of being little more than a cathartic scream into the wilderness. But hopefully it’ll be more than that.

If this collection of songs can raise money for some solid causes that help those whom Scott Walker refuses to help, then this is a success. If this collection of songs provides a soundtrack for a political revolution in Wisconsin that leads to motivated progressives taking back our state from the tyranny of the rich and power-mad, then holy shit, that’s amazing. But at the very least, we will have provided a document of artistic work that will hopefully stand for generations and show Wisconsin, the country, and the world, that no, not everyone in Wisconsin was satisfied to sit and let Scott Walker and his corporate overlords ruin our state.

There were at least 16 bands’ worth of progressive punk rockers that said, “we are ANGRY and we want the world to know it.” If all this project achieves is a mighty, violent scream of outrage, well, at least we managed that and hopefully someone heard us.”

Unintimidated - wisconsin musicians against scott walker - promo banner - 2016 - #MOILMF996969

Track Listing:
1) “285 Feet Tall” – Haunted Heads
2) “Too Tired to Riot” – FowlMouth
3) “Right to Work” – Body Futures
4) “Starving” – Drillers
5) “Wrong” – Volunteer
6) “Open for Strabismus” – Soup Moat
7) “A Bad Man” – Lady Cannon
8 ) “How About ‘No,’ Scott?” – Holy Shit!
9) “White Power Norah Jones” – Heavy Hand
10) “What’s Wrong With the Right (2 Work It?)” – Midwest Death Rattle
11) “Bring Back the Guillotines” – IfIHadAHiFi
12) “Three Point Program to Destroy Wisconsin” – Tyranny is Tyranny
13) “Walk(er) Against Us” – Donoma
14) “Left Mitten” – Venus in Furs
15) “Scott Walker, You’re a Piece of Shit” – Damsel Trash
16) “Bad Wolf” – Testa Rosa

Learn more about the project here:



UNINTIMIDATED: Wisconsin Musicians Against Scott Walker is a group of Wisconsin bands who convened in late August, 2015 to record a rapid-fire series of protest songs condemning Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. Each band had a two-hour block of time to record their song at Howl Street Studios in Milwaukee. The end results will take form as online videos, music, and a physical CD/DVD/zine release in Spring 2016.

Proceeds from the sale of this product will be donated to
Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin and Milwaukee soup kitchens in the interest of assisting the lower-income citizens most threatened by Scott Walker’s regressive policies.


Source: Dewar PR



On This Day In METAL History – November 28th… From THE KINKS To DANZIG

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Kinks - You Really Got Me - promo single 45rpm - cover sleeve - #1964DD

On November 28th, 1964THE KINKS peaked at #7 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart with their super legendary song: You Really Got Me. This was the first top ten single by THE KINKS in the United States. Whoa! I was not born yet, when this song was first playing on the radio. Whoa, again!

The Who - See Me Feel Me - 1970 - promo 45rpm pic - #MO3333SSNM

On November 28th, 1970 – THE WHO hits #12 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart with See Me, Feel Me from their Rock Opera studio album: Tommy.

Iron Maiden - Seventh Tour Of A Seventh Tour - promo tour program pic - 1988 - #MO7773366NSSMSC

On November 28th, 1988IRON MAIDEN performed at the NEC Arena in Birmingham, England. This was the band’s Seventh Tour Of A Seventh Tour. IRON MAIDEN Forever!

Danzig - Skeletons - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #MO777338NSSMM

On November 28th, 2015Skeletons, the newly released cover song album, from DANZIG is ranked at #2, on the iTunes Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums Chart. Man, someone should have told Glenn Danzig to put a shirt on, for this album cover photo. Once you start growing man-boobs it’s game over, you know?

Solution 45 - Nightmares In The Waking State Part 1 - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #MO11133SSMMMSCTAO

On November 28th, 2015Nightmares In The Waking State, Part 1, the newly released studio album from SOLUTION .45 is ranked at #100, on the iTunes Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums Chart. Yup. This album was released via AFM Records. Hey, that’s some kick-ass album cover art! Whoa, man!


Stone - November - 2015 - #MO133 - Metal Odyssey




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Flag of France - #MO2015GBF


Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase. – Martin Luther King, Jr.





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Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 11.21.37 PM

Below you will find the Top 10 Reasons Why Digipaks Stink Like Monkey Poop. Enjoy.


  • Digipaks crease, ding and tear VERY EASILY, even with delicate handling.
  • Even before you buy the damn digipak version off the retail shelf, it’s already dinged, creased or torn. That’s bullshit.
  • Guess what happens while taking the plastic wrap off of a digipak? You ding it. That’s insane bullshit.
  • It takes patience and skill to get the damn CD and liner notes out of the digipak sleeve. After doing so, the cardboard sleeve is dinged from your fingernails; not to mention the liner notes took a nasty beating too.
  • Digipaks get CRUSHED when stacked underneath a pile of CD jewel cases. Hell, a couple of magazines can crush a digipak. Again, that’s bullshit.

This is NO laughing matter!!!

Laughing Monkey - promo pic - 2015 - #667MO66777MNSSC

  • A digipak has NO defense against any liquid. At least a CD jewel case has a freaking fighting chance in protecting the liner notes and CD itself. Trust me, I know ALL about that one.
  • If you wanted to bury your digipak in the ground, for safekeeping, the life expectancy of the cardboard is 4 weeks. That’s intense bullshit.
  • A damaged CD jewel case can be easily replaced. A damaged digipak stalks your music collection, like the uninvited pain-in-the-ass that nobody gives a shit about. Do not get alarmed, for the respective CD and liner notes will always find themselves a new home inside a spare and cozy… jewel case.
  • Just opening and closing a digipak automatically CREASES the spine; not to mention leaving visible fingerprints all over the cardboard. That is unreal bullshit.
  • Purchasing a used CD as a digipak version is never a fun moment. The digipak 99.9% of the time is so freaking mishandled, dinged and worn; not to mention the disease ridden bacteria that has probably been absorbed by the cardboard itself. Yay. Um, bullshit.


Special thanks for the inspiration of this post goes to Scott Coverdale.





Two Young Men Still Missing Since May 22nd At Rocklahoma: Cody Parrick And Ben Baber

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Cody Parrick - Ben Baber - missing flyer - Rocklahoma - May 22 - 2015

UPDATE: Both Ben Baber and Cody Parrick have been found. May they both rest in peace and God Bless them. Metal Odyssey extends condolences to the family and friends of both these young men.

From Rocklahoma Facebook:

More info: Team Cody and Ben

According to local authorities, Ben Baber and Cody Parrick are still missing. They were last seen on May 22nd, 2015 at Rocklahoma, in Pryor, Oklahoma. IF you remember seeing them or have any information regarding their whereabouts, please contact the Okmulgee County Sheriff’s Office at 918-756-4311. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Ben and Cody’s families, friends and loved ones.

Cody Parrick - Ben Baber - missing - flyer - Rocklahoma - may 22 - 2015 - MO




On This Day In METAL History – May 18th… From Mount St. Helens To Veil Of Maya

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Mount St. Helens - Free Stock Image - 2015 - #051880MO

On May 18th, 1980 – Today is the 35th Anniversary of the Mount St. Helens (volcanic) eruption. This eruption happened at 8:32 on a Sunday morning. Mount St. Helens is located in Skamania County, Washington (state), in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Read much more about this historical event with the link below:

KISS - Exposed - VHS video - promo cover - 1987 - #0518MOGSX

On May 18th, 1987 – The KISS (VHS) long-play video Exposed was released. Yeah!

Kiss - Alive III - promo album cover pic - #1992PSGSMO3

On May 18th, 1993 – The great KISS released their third live album: KISS Alive III. This live album peaked at #9 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart in the United States. Whoa!

Veil Of Maya - Matriarch - promo album cover pic - 2015

On May 18th, 2015 – Chicago’s Veil Of Maya has their fifth studio album, Matriarch, ranked #1 on the iTunes Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums Chart. Holy moly!

Slipknot - Iowa - promo album cover pic - #993933MOCSC

On May 18th, 2015Slipknot has their second studio album from 2001, Iowa, ranked at #26, on the iTunes Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums Chart. Hell and yeah!


Stone - 2011 Photo #1





Four Bizarre Mothers Day Album Covers

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Mothers Day - Cherry Pie - promo album cover pic

Mothers Day is on Sunday, May 10th. I wish all the moms and grandmas a Happy Mothers day. Here at Metal Odyssey, our special way of celebrating Mothers Day is to present this list of Four Bizarre Mothers Day Album Covers. Each album cover on this list is clearly created by people that have not a clue, in my opinion.

The Mothers Day album cover (above) really has me questioning: who is the dummy that decided to combine Mothers Day with cherry pie for an album cover? WTF?! That is flat-out insane, immature and embarrassing! Of all the freaking pies in the world, why spotlight cherry pie? Apple pie, peach pie or any other stinking pie would have done just nicely, thank you very much.

The Flexican & Sef - Mothers Day - extended version - promo pic - 2014

Evidently the musical artist for this Mother’s Day song is: The Flexican & Sef. My big question is: what the hell does the artwork on this MP3 single have to with Mother’s Day? Two dudes and a city skyline, inside a burst, does not represent Mother’s Day to me. Un-freaking-real. Whatever.

Mothers Day Special - promo album cover pic - 2013

The above Mother’s Day album cover is incredibly bizarre! That mother depicted is bloodied and in obvious pain! Did this mother really deserve such a dreadful situation as this? What is that piece of lumber that she is holding? What does this cover art mean? WTF?!

The Mothers Day Massacre - Vol. 2 - promo album cover pic

Lastly, I don’t dig the combination of Mother’s Day and massacre; it is grossly immature to combine the two. Really. The moron(s) that decided to attach The Mothers Day Massacre to a Heavy Metal compilation of songs needs to have their lame-ass brain(s) examined for worm rot. Once again, I’m reminded that dumb-asses are among us. This also reminds me that there are people still out there sniffing model glue and they are roaming among us.

I love my mother with all my heart and hope she has a fun day in heaven, alongside my sister. I miss them both dearly. Metal be thy name – Stone.


Stone - 2011 Photo #1



Vintage Stereo Speaker Cabinet Found In Abdomen Of Bull Shark, Off Coast Of Mexico

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Bull Shark - Beached - South Africa Coast - 2014

The Bull Shark (Carcharhinus leucas) also known as the Zambezi Shark, is commonly known to inhabit warm waters along coastlines; as well as rivers and estuaries leading from salt water. Many scientists worldwide have concluded that the Bull Shark, rather than the Great White Shark, is much to blame for deadly and non-deadly attacks on humans.

On Sunday, March 30th, 2014, a beached Bull Shark was found on the coast of Mayan Riviera, Mexico. Several tourists and onlookers reported the Bull Shark discovery to local authorities; immediately a team of personnel that included security, marine biologists, local animal advocates and area fishermen responded. The Bull Shark was taken to the Oceanography Center For Advanced Studies, (OCFAS) in Cancun.

The (6′ 3″, 185 pound, 5 ounce) Bull Shark is a male and was very near to adult age. Initially, marine biologists were uncertain as to why this Bull Shark would beach itself, with marine biologist, Dr. Doronea Valazquez stating: “It’s a rare occurrence to see such a visibly healthy Bull Shark beach itself in this manner.” What Dr. Valazquez and her peers later found that day, within the abdomen of this Bull Shark, is even more bizarre.

Stereo Cabinet Speaker - pic - Bull Shark Story - 2014

Above: remains of stereo cabinet speaker and its parts, found in Bull Shark’s abdomen.

A (approximate) 3′ x 2′ stereo speaker cabinet was found to be inside the abdomen of the Bull Shark. with the actual wooden cabinet of the speaker to be (still) nearly intact. Could the swallowing of such a large and non-digestive object been the reason for this sea creature’s demise? Dr. Valazquez explained further: “Normally, the diet of any Shark species varies across the marine life spectrum, dependent on the food sources within a respective ecosystem; only a digestive abnormality such as a large stereo speaker cabinet is not one of them, therefore, the lodging of such an object inside the abdomen of this Bull Shark has certainly caused  its death through a slow suffocation process.”

Dr. Valazquez added: “Just how, why and where this Bull Shark swallowed such a large, life threatening object is incidental. I feel terrible, no living creature should perish in such a horrific manner. Nonetheless, I will bring this stereo speaker cabinet and its remaining parts home, to my son, so he can mess around with it. He’s talented at fixing all kinds of strange shit and this could pose a unique challenge to him.”


Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small



DIE CHOKING – Prepares To Shred Philly Stop Of Decibel Magazine Tour; Band Featured At The Deciblog

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Die Choking - promo live band pic - 2014 - #40007

Debut 7″ Available For Preorder

Annihilation is nigh, as the debut release from Philadelphia’s hypershredder trio, DIE CHOKING, prepares to break free from the internet’s restraints and into the human populous this week in a physical manifestation.

Featuring Paul J Herzog (ex-Total Fucking Destruction) on bass/vocals, Joshua T. Cohen (Cop Problem) on drums, and Jeffrey V. Daniels (Burden) on guitar, DIE CHOKING’s ungodly fast, smoldering concoction of brutal punk mayhem, breakneck grindcore, and hectic raw metal has the trio quickly becoming known across the tri-state area through their recent widespread tour actions and now beyond with their debut self-titled EP.

DIE CHOKING was recorded by Brutal Truth guitarist Dan O’Hare at his Mark It Zero Studios in New Jersey, and unloads five point-blank faceblasters in only five minutes and forty-four seconds. Following its initial digital release by the band in January, DIE CHOKING partnered with The Earsplit Compound’s label sub faction, The Compound, who will now unload the self-titled EP on vinyl, in a run of 300 copies on standard black wax with a high-gloss cover. The physical product will be transported to our barracks this weekend and will be immediately available.

Place orders for the 7″ via Earsplit Distro HERE.

Die Choking -

Amidst other upcoming shows, including an in-store at Siren Records on April 4th, DIE CHOKING was hand-picked by Decibel Magazine founder Albert Mudrian to supply local support for the Philadelphia stop the publication’s third annual national tour now underway. Featuring Noisem, Gorguts, The Black Dahlia Murder and headliners, Carcass, the trek will invade the band’s hometown on April 12th at The Trocadero Theatre. Less than two weeks after their Decibel Tour set, DIE CHOKING will hammer Western Pennsylvania ‘bangers in Pittsburgh on April 24th with The Compound label mates, Enabler. More shows are currently being planned in preparation for the band’s second EP, recorded earlier this month once again with Dan O’Hare, which is coming together for release this Summer, and will continue as they begin to set up their debut LP late this year.

Currently in full-on tour hype mode, Decibel is running an exclusive interrogation with DIE CHOKING alongside a stream of the entire EP RIGHT HERE.

Also sample newly acquired visual evidence of the trio’s speedy rage via Metal Injection’s Pit Full Of Shit HERE.

DIE CHOKING Live Actions:

4/04/2014 Siren Records – Doylestown, PA w/ Carved Up, Bardus
4/12/2014 Trocadero – Philadelphia, PA w/ Carcass, The Black Dahlia Murder, Gorguts, Noisem
4/24/2014 The Mr. Roboto Project – Pittsburgh, PA w/ Enabler, Black Mask, Meth Quarry, Rabid Pigs


(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For more info on DIE CHOKING:


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SAINTS OF REBELLION – Announce Tour Dates; “New American Dream” Lyric Video Is Online!

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Saints Of Rebellion - new american dream - promo album banner - 2014 - #73

Baltimore, Maryland hard rock band Saints of Rebellion is announcing dates on the books thus far with more forthcoming. Their debut release titled ‘New American Dream’ is slated for April via HighVolMusic however while in Arkansas this month, Saints of Rebellion went back in to the studio and recorded two more tracks to be added to the release which may delay the release date slightly. Details to be announced. ‘New American Dream’ is being mixed by Ty Sims at The Recovery Room.

Below, listen to and check out the ‘New American Dream’ lyric video!

Live Dates:

03/27 Rockerz Gone Wild Pool Party Miami, FL
04/03 The Dek Acoustic Show Cape Coral, FL
04/05 The Dek Cape Coral, FL
04/13 1150 Oak Bar & Grille Cranston, RI
04/14 Rock For Education Havre de Grace, MD
04/24 Sonoma’s M Pre-Pary Columbia, MD
04/25 The PourHouse Washington, WV
05/02 Ecks Saloon Lakewood, CO
05/10 Pickle Park w/Black N Blue Fridley, MN
06/28 Jackass Flats Dayton, OH
07/18 Twisted Spoke Saloon Pekin, IL
07/19 Summer Rock Fest Pekin, IL
07/26 The Rail Club Fort Worth, TX
09/13 Soundwave Music Fest Berlin, MD
10/10 Skull Fest 2 North Platte, NE
10/11 Wolf Fest 2014 Arvada, CO
11/15 Rock N Skull Pekin, IL



HighVolMusic - banner logo - #1 - 2013

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DESTRUCTION – North American Tour 2014 – VIP Upgrades Are Available Now!

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Destruction - North American Tour 2014 - promo flyer - #7310

Thrash Metal legends, DESTRUCTION, hits the road in North America on March 18th! On this tour, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade your ticket to get the VIP Experience! To purchase VIP upgrades and for complete tour schedule, click here:

Destruction - North American Tour - VIP Upgrades - promo flyer

Destruction - Header Promo - 2012

Schmier – bass & vocals

Mike – guitar

Vaaver – drums


* For more info on DESTRUCTION:

Facebook: Destruction



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