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The Pretty Goodbyes – Illuminates Alternative Indie Rock On Their Debut Demo EP “Now We Run”

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The Pretty Goodbyes - Now We Run - promo cover pic

THE PRETTY GOODBYES – The 3 song debut demo EP, Now We Run, from the Loughborough based 4-piece band The Pretty Goodbyes was released back on August 6th, 2012. When very, very cool Alternative/Indie Rock crosses my Rockin’ path, I’m gonna bellow about it; right here on Metal Odyssey. This unsigned UK band would be signed by me in a micro second, if I had the (prestigious) ability to do so for a (knowledgeable) record label.

This Now We Run EP has unveiled 3 songs to my senses and ALL 3 are remarkably memorable, well written and downright (gulp) fun! I always appreciate the way a talented band like The Pretty Goodbyes can coalesce the beauty of 80’s New Wave, late 80’s College Radio and Early 90’s Alternative while still maintaining a balance of Post-Punk and Modern Indie Rock/Alternative sound and vibes; all the while keeping the flames of Indie Pop to a tolerable minimum (if any). Phew! I got that off my chest!

I’m digging this band and the vocals of George Evans are nothing short of terrific. Any serious fan of Alternative and Indie Rock will embrace the music from The Pretty Goodbyes. The Pretty Goodbyes have obviously learned at a very early stage, quality songs are their ticket to success; and I see nothing less happening for this band in the future. Check out The Pretty Goodbyes right now, right here:


NOW WE RUN – Track Listing:

Dirty Hands, Dirty Minds

Green Light District

It’s Not Cheating If You Don’t Get Caught

The Pretty Goodbyes - Band Promo Pic - #1 - 2012

George Evans – lead vocals

Jacob Leeson – lead guitar

 Spike Wright – bass

 Sam O’Neill – drums


For more info on THE PRETTY GOODBYES:

facebook: The Pretty Goodbyes

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Baroness - 2013 - Credit - Jimmy Hubbard - #1

Photo Credit: Jimmy Hubbard

Philadelphia — Baroness have released a live montage for the song  March to the Sea via Spin ( The clip, filmed by Jimmy Hubbard, also features candid backstage footage filmed during the band’s 2012 tour.

“So here is another video for everyone out there!” shared guitarist Pete Adams. “This was filmed while we were on tour with Meshuggah in the Spring of 2012.  Some of you may recognize the footage from several of those shows and the ‘Take My Bones Away’ video as well.  We were excited to be back out as it had been since December of 2010 when we had our last tour before taking time off to write Yellow & Green.  You can see from the video we were happy to be back on the road. We’re happy now to have this video to share with you all. Enjoy.”

Yellow & Green was released in July via Relapse Records and debuted at #30 on Billboard’s Top 200 Album chart.  The double-album was dubbed a “thrilling hard-rock epic” by Rolling Stone, the New York Times said the 18-track release included “a grand sprawl of riffs and ruminations” and Artist Direct, after awarding the band “Rock Band of the Year” honors said “they epitomize the spirit of the greats like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, while remaining wholly unique.  It’s something we need more of.  Baroness are everything that a rock band should be — and more.”

Baroness - Yellow & Green - promo cover pic - 2012

As the year came to a close, Baroness dominated year-end lists with Entertainment Weekly and Spin both naming Yellow & Green their #1 Metal release of 2012 and iTunes awarding “Take My Bones Away” the distinction of best Metal song of the year.  Decibel (#2), Guitar World (#15), Loudwire (#4), Magnet (#12), Pitchfork (#3 on Metal Albums, #25 Best Albums of 2012), Revolver (#4), Stereogum (#18) and the Village Voice (#6) also gave the album top honors.

Internationally, the album fared similarly, receiving top honors from Terrorizer (#2), BBC Music (#13), Metal Hammer Germany (#4), Metal Hammer Norway (#4), Metal Hammer UK (#14), Close Up Sweden (#4) and Visions Germany (#4).

Stay tuned for more Baroness news.


(Source: Speakeasy PR & Marketing)

For more info on BARONESS, click on the links below!

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THE SMASHING PUMPKINS “OCEANIA” – Some Thoughts On This Significant Album

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The Smashing Pumpkins - Oceania - promo cover pic!

THE SMASHING PUMPKINS – I didn’t include Oceania from The Smashing Pumpkins on my 2012 Best Of Lists for Metal or Hard Rock for good reason. This 9th studio album from The Smashing Pumpkins accentuates the genius musical mind of Billy Corgan and it isn’t Metal; nor is it Hard Rock. Rock and Alternative Rock is The Smashing Pumpkins and I just didn’t compile a list of Top 10 Rock Albums for 2012… yet. I might still. Who knows?

While being in the heat of relocating my life from one state to another, writing original posts (album reviews, random blab and lists) is not entirely easy. I just had to get my thoughts out to the universe that I thoroughly enjoy Oceania; so much so, that I can easily sum up this important album by The Smashing Pumpkins in one simple word: beautiful.

If I did or was to compile a Top 10 list for Rock Albums released in 2012, Oceania would be #1.

Oceania is an album that must be heard and appreciated all the more, with the earphones on. Oceania is an album that must be heard to understand why I tag it as beautiful. The unique richness of sound and vibrant instrumentation is absolutely breathtaking. Lyrically thought-provoking is Oceania, regardless if that sounds cliché or not. Yes, Oceania does Rock like there’s no tomorrow; only this album Rocks in such a majestic way that it feels too damn special for me to overlook in writing about or acknowledging.

Sample, borrow and/or buy Oceania. Stone would never steer you wrong. Metal be thy name.


For more info on THE SMASHING PUMPKINS, click on the links below!

facebook: The Smashing Pumpkins

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Rock Artist Bob Pressner Marries Raw Emotion With Catchy Hooks On New Album “King of Nothing”

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Bob Pressner - King Of Nothing - promo cover pic!

New York Native Serves up Fifth Full-Length Record

Los Angeles, CA – Rock artist Bob Pressner breathes raw emotion and honesty into every line on his new album King of Nothing, available now on iTunes. Drenched in glowing charisma, Bob shows off his versatility throughout the album as he touches on subjects like love, spirituality and retrospection. With his relatable lyrics and velvety tone, it is no surprise that Bob is becoming a magnetic force for music lovers; the official video for the title track “King of Nothing,” directed by Max Moraga and produced by Kurt J. Zendzain has already garnered more than 18 million views on YouTube!

Hailing from White Plains, NY, Bob has always been a musician at heart. Intrigued by the styles of Jimi Hendrix, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell and Paul McCartney, he fell in love with the guitar at 15 years old and now has a vast collection. As he grew older, he continued to practice his art and refine his skills – he even studied with the famed 1950’s beat poet Allen Ginsberg. After experiencing a traumatic event and years of being part of the workforce, Bob took a leap of faith to pursue a music career. Later, Bob moved his family to Florida where he began writing and recording heavily. The singer-songwriter soon had his first album Hard Driving Rain, followed by Riding the Wave, Summer in Illusion Land, Me and the Kid from Santa Cruz, and Honor Among Thieves. In addition, Bob was a featured artist on the album A Musical Tribute to the Olympics, which was a commemorative compilation featured at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Bob Pressner - Publicity Pic - #1 - 2012

Delivering an exciting mix of head-bopping songs and tear-jerking ballads, Bob displays charm and grace on his latest effort, King of Nothing, produced by Grammy-nominated producer David Grow (Michael Bolton) and Jim McGorman (Avril Lavigne, The Corrs). With more than three million YouTube views for the music video, “The Blue Has Left Your Eyes” is a catchy mid-tempo track that reveals a more vulnerable Bob. The singer laments the loss of his queen with sweet melodies led by a soft guitar and carried away by wailing violins in the emotional “King of Nothing.” Hoping to meet his internet crush in “iGirl,” Bob’s infectious hook is lead by major rock guitars and supported by a solid vocal performance. Each song on this well-produced album is capable of transporting listeners to different dimensions.

Receiving “Top Honors” for his outstanding YouTube views, the New York native has been cranking out live performances left and right for his fans. Bob’s performances landed him a gig at the South By Southwest Music Festival and his very own Comcast-produced OnDemand concert entitled, “Bob Pressner at Infinity Music Hall.” The concert was promoted on cable channels like A&E, AMC, ESPN, CNN, Bravo, MTV, VH1, and TBS.

With four albums under his belt, Bob has let go of all inhibitions and nothing can hold him back. The world better get ready. Keep up with Bob Pressner by visiting or Facebook.


(Source: LaFamos PR & Branding)

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WISE GIRL – S/T 3 Song EP Is An Inviting Listen Into Melodic, Power Pop/Rock

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Wise Girl - Large Logo!!

WISE GIRL – On Monday, December 3rd, I posted a press release featuring the 5 piece Melodic, Power/Pop Rock band known as Wise Girl. This talented band from NYC has a 3 song EP available on iTunes for just under $3 (U.S.) and it’s worth every Rockin’ penny. After I’ve listened (many, many times) to this Wise Girl EP, my only wish is for a full-length album from them… and soon! Um, please.

Sure, the lyrics of Wise Girl’s songs may not be about dragons, skulls, gore, insane keg parties and the fiery depths of hell; my Metal mind is cool with that and it’s all good. The exclamation point is that Wise Girl Rocks like yummy ear candy; while fusing an abundance of retro feel within their ultra relevant Rock sound.

There are those (not so often) occurrences when I hear a new (non-Metal) band for the first time and I wish I could be a record executive at a well-known record label and sign them on the spot. Wise Girl is one of those occurrences to my ears… and senses.

Then again… I’m the dude that feels Cheap Trick should have been inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame many years ago. On that off-topic note, there’s a bit-O Cheap Tricky vibe that does resonate from some of the melodies of Wise Girl, I will confidently add.

Abby Weitz - Wise Girl - Andrew Gardner Photo - #1 - 2012

Abby Weitz

(Photo Credit: Andrew Gardner)

As I listen to the vocals and guitar of Abby Weitz, I cannot resist being reminded of my very early teen years and introduction to The Runaways (and eventual) Joan Jett solo albums. However, that was then and this is now. My appreciation for the Rock sound that Abbey Weitz is creating with Wise Girl feels so right to me. The mainstream should either move or get out of Wise Girl’s way. It’s a band like Wise Girl that clearly defines what a musically primed (underground) Power/Pop Rock band sounds like in 2012.

Abby and her band have created three songs that are clearly the welcome mat to what I believe will be an astounding Rockin’ and Rollin’ career for them. With such an over abundance of crap vocalists and bands winning the “lottery” on televised talent shows these days, Wise Girl is a solid-as-steel reminder to me that credible (Rock) musicians are out there, earning their way up the ladder and glowing with the skills to make a difference in the (severely) watered down mainstream of Power/Pop Rock.

You can purchase the Wise Girl songs Set In Stone, Wishful Thinking and Roles Are Reversed on iTunes, by clicking on the link below! Whoa!…

For more detailed band info and the musical background of Abbey Weitz, click on the link below! Hey! Whoa!

WISE GIRL – New York Power Pop/Rock Band Wise Girl Debuts Self-Titled EP


For more info on WISE GIRL, click on the links below!

facebook: Wise Girl

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GOLD – Debut Album From Dutch Rock Outfit Streaming At PureGrainAudio

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GOLD - Interbellum - large promo cover pic!

Today popular Rock/Metal website PureGrainAudio is hosting a stream of the Dutch rock act GOLD’s entire debut LP Interbellum, in preparation of the album’s worldwide release this Friday, December 7th via Germany’s Ván Records.

Listen to the album PureGrainAudio dubbed “a collection of nine, rocking songs that will be sure to catch fire in today’s musical landscape with its catchy riffs, fresh-sounding vocals and original songwriting” now AT THIS LOCATION.

Mainstream German news site Spiegel this week posted a colossal feature on Ván Records’ new December releases — including GOLD, alongside labelmates Year of the Goat, Vanderbuyst, Attic and more — where European readers can stream the album(s) as well AT THIS LOCATION.

Previously, GOLD released a video from the album, for the track “One Of Us,” followed by a lyric video for “North,” both of which can be viewed HERE.

GOLD - Group Promo Pic - #1 - 2012

GOLD’s debut album will see the light of day via cult label Ván Records on the edge of the Mayan calendar. Each song on the record is a well-crafted piece of music and a story on its own, and overall is a monument to our time and to a civilization in decline. It deals with instability and the fear of things to come, yet offers a spark of love and hope in an attempt to give meaning to life in modern times. The album’s authentic tone and warmth completes the richness of GOLD’s sound, produced by Igor Wouters and Vanderbuyst main man Willem Verbuyst.


(Source: Earsplit PR)

For more info on GOLD, click on the links below!

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WISE GIRL – New York Power Pop/Rock Band Wise Girl Debuts Self-Titled EP

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Wise Girl - Large Logo!!

Fashion Designer Brand Kate Spade NY Features Energy-driven single “Set in Stone”

Los Angeles, CA – Driving power pop/rock band Wise Girl will soon release their self-titled three-song EP on iTunes. The New York fivesome is equipped with straight forward talent and no need for gimmicks. The WISE GIRL EP showcases the perfect combination of poppy melodies, rockin’ guitars and quirky songwriting technique all wrapped together in a no-nonsense attitude.

After two years in the making Wise Girl is the brainchild of songwriter Abby Weitz (vocals, guitar). Wise Girl includes Chris Fasulo (producer, lead guitars), Abby Lee (backup vocals, tambourine), Harry Keithline (drums) and Sean Kane (bass). Growing up, front woman Abby Weitz was such a music fanatic that she had to listen to The Beatles in order to fall asleep at night. At age 11 she started taking drum lessons which then led to her interest in learning to play the guitar at age 13.

Born to lead, Weitz started a Strokes cover band in high school followed by an original band under the name of Drella, playing basement/garage shows in her hometown of Long Beach. After dropping out of college six weeks in because “it wasn’t her thing”, she started a punk band with her best friend Liz called The Lookaways.

Wise Girl - group promo pic -  Andrew Gardner Credit

Photo Credit: Andrew Gardner

Determined to take over New York City, The Lookaways played notorious clubs around Manhattan such as Sin-E, Lit Lounge, Don Hill’s, including the legendary CBGB’s and on a mini East Coast tour, played a few shows on the Van’s Warped Tour. After The Lookaways split, Weitz decided to start a music publishing company called Wise Girl, stemmed from her strong belief in “Girl Power” and she ended up using the name for her current project.

Watch and listen to Wise Girl perform So Broken Live At Beta Records below! Whoa!

Elements of Wise Girl’s music can be attributed to their influences drawn from some of Weitz’s favorites such as The Ramones, The Beatles, The Muffs, Letters to Cleo, Weezer and 60’s girl groups. The band’s feisty single, “Set In Stone” is a perfect example of how the band creates a rhythmic blend of catchy melodies, gritty guitars and witty yet matter-of-fact lyrics. Produced by Chris Fasulo, the Wise Girl EP’s content centers on love gone wrong and the battles that we face when caught in the middle of it.

The internationally known designer Kate Spade featured Wise Girl on their website and blog as a runner-up in a Battle of the Bands contest to open for The Vivian Girls at their SXSW showcase. They were also chosen as one of the 15 bands to represent Manhattan in New York’s Annual “Battle of the Boroughs,” sponsored by New York Public Radio in June of 2012. Picking up a consistent following along the way, Wise Girl has performed at notable NY music venues such as Mercury Lounge, The Bowery Electric, Piano’s and The Knitting Factory.

Wise Girl - promo group pic - Andrew Gardner - credit - 2012

Photo Credit: Andrew Gardner

The band has recently opened up for major pop punk band The Dollyrots and Rock ‘n’ Roll sensations, Prima Donna and performed as a part of the 2010 and 2011 CMJ Music Marathon. To add to the list, Wise Girl did a performance/interview on the national television show Beta TV and earned a mention in an American Songwriter’s article (“How Does an Independent Artists Stay Relevant While Creating New Music” – Sept. 2012). In September of 2012 Weitz scored an endorsement deal with guitar company, Daisy Rock Guitars.

With success at their fingertips, Wise Girl is ready to take it to the top! For more information, visit their website.


(Source: LaFamos PR & Branding)

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