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THE ROLLING STONES – Have Re-Issued Their Classic 1971 Album “Sticky Fingers” – Includes Previously Unreleased Material

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The Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers - promo album cover pic - #030611MJKRMOS3

Includes Previously Unreleased Material And Alternative Takes Of Beloved Album Tracks


As reported by Universal Music Enterprises, UMe:

Regarded as one of The Rolling Stones’ all-time great albums, ‘Sticky Fingers’ captured the band’s trademark combination of swagger and tenderness in a superb collection. The classic album features timeless songs such as ‘Brown Sugar,’ ‘Wild Horses,’ ‘Bitch,’ ‘Sister Morphine’ and ‘Dead Flowers’ and showcases the inventive song writing of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards and formidable guitar licks from Mick Taylor.

All Deluxe and Super Deluxe formats will feature a generous selection of previously unavailable material. These include the alternative version of the chart-topping single ‘Brown Sugar’ featuring Eric Clapton; unreleased interpretations of ‘Bitch,’ ‘Can’t You Hear Me Knocking’ and ‘Dead Flowers’; an acoustic take on the anthemic ‘Wild Horses’, and five tracks recorded live at The Roundhouse in 1971 including ‘Honky Tonk Women’ and ‘Midnight Rambler.’


This reissue was released on June 9th, 2015.




THE ROLLING STONES “GRRR!” – I Bought This Super Cool 2CD And I’ll Tell You Much More About It…

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THE ROLLING STONES – On its release date of November 13th, I happily purchased the brand new 2CD of greatest hits from The Rolling Stones titled: GRRR! at my local Target store. Here’s a funny blunder I am guilty of while making this GRRR! purchase:

Upon seeing GRRR! stocked upon the CD display at Target, the excitement overcame me; so much so that I read the sale price (incorrectly) as $9.99 (U.S.). After buying this 2CD and a few other items, I thought to myself: “gee whiz, Stone, that amount I paid was higher than I calculated in my brain.” I paused, then came to a complete stop before exiting the store. I needed to check my sales receipt and make sure I didn’t get screwed on the price of an item (which happens more often than not).

The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Logo designed by: Shepard Fairey

The Rolling Stones tongue logo was originally created by John Pashe, back in 1971.

Sure enough, I read the price sticker wrong on the GRRR! 2CD. Instead of the price being $9.99 (like I thought I read it) it was $19.99 instead! Whoa! I had not a clue. I guess the good news is that I didn’t pay $19.99 for GRRR! after all. Nope. I instead paid the sale price for GRRR! which was: $16.99. That’s very, very cool. Heck, this is a “2” CD after all and it boasts 40 classics from The Rolling Stones! Not too shabby of a Rockin’ buy and   YOLO! 

The 2 NEW songs on GRRR! are: One More Shot and Doom And Gloom. Both of these songs ROCK!!! WHOA!!! Think: Hard Rock Rolling Stones, (not) Start Me Up or Harlem Shuffle. Seriously, I am very psyched-out about these 2 new songs; they signify that The Rolling Stones can certainly dig-in-deep and continue to put out some kick-ass Classic Hard Rockin’ material!

I highly recommend GRRR! to all Rolling Stones fans and anyone that digs Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Rock and the history of Rock and Roll! Metal be thy name.



(Stone Notes: This is the 40 song track listing. There are 50 and 80 track versions of GRRR! as well).

Disc one:

Come On

Not Fade Away

It’s All Over Now

Little Red Rooster

The Last Time

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

Get Off Of My Cloud

As Tears Go By

19th Nervous Breakdown

Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow?

Paint It, Black

Let’s Spend the Night Together

Ruby Tuesday

Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Street Fighting Man

Sympathy For the Devil

Honkey Tonk Woman

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Gimme Shelter

Wild Horses

Disc two:

Brown Sugar

Tumbling Dice

It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll


Fool To Cry

Beast Of Burden

Miss You


Emotional Rescue

Start Me Up

Waiting On A Friend


Undercover of the Night

Harlem Shuffle

Mixed Emotions

Love Is Strong

Anybody Seen My Baby?

Don’t Stop

Doom And Gloom

One More Shot

Photo Credit: The Rolling Stones Facebook


Mick Jagger

Keith Richards

Charlie Watts

Ronnie Wood


For more info on THE ROLLING STONES, click on the links below!

facebook: The Rolling Stones




THE ROLLING STONES – GRRR! Release Dates & Why I’m Gonna Buy This Album…

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THE ROLLING STONES– The release dates for GRRR! ( a greatest hits collection) will be as follows: (as reported on GRRR! will be released on 12th November 2012 for the world, excluding North America, and on the 13th November 2012 in North America.

I’ll buy GRRR! cause quite honestly, I don’t own every album from The Rolling Stones. Not even close. I’ve got some catching up to do. Hey… wanna know which are my top two favorite songs from The Rolling Stones? That’s easy. Here you go: Emotional Rescue and Gimme Shelter. Metal be thy name.



Mick Jagger

Keith Richards

Charlie Watts

Ronnie Wood


For more info on THE ROLLING STONES, click on the links below!




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I just get into Rock History sometimes… well, all the time that is. It’s all about the roots of Rock and Roll that peeks my Metal interest. The Rock Music legends of yesterday are the reason we have Hard Rock and Heavy Metal today. I may have mentioned this before, (here I go again), in the event a time machine does ever get off the ground… I’m on it! My destination? A Rock concert from the 1960’s or 1970’s. If I was to take a trip back in time, it would be just my Metal luck to travel to this night on Thursday, June 18, 1964. Once I arrived to the New Haven Arena, in New Haven, Connecticut, I would then be informed that The Rolling Stones were NOT going on stage! You read that correctly… the concert was cancelled, due to poor ticket sales! Granted, this was the very early years, uh, days of The Rolling Stones… only give me a Metal break! Gee Metal whiz.

Look at those ticket prices! $2, $3, and $4 respectively! Golly… if you spent an additional $2, your probably going from nose bleed seating to front row! Plus, it was only one show! If The Rolling Stones were to appear for only one show today, or any day, anywhere in the last four and a half decades… your talking pandemonium breaking loose! Throw in the fact, this historical concert poster also states there are three opening acts as well – The Chiffons, Younger Bros and The Epics… no fans for them either in New Haven, Connecticut, back in 1964!

I can easily stare at this concert poster of The Rolling Stones and easily wonder – what was the general public thinking back around this date? Maybe the hardness of The Rolling Stones was a tad too controversial for the general public, after all, American Rock and Roll back around 1964 was all about falling in love and surfing. (No, I am NOT making fun of American Rock and Roll of that time, only I am trying to make sense out of this cancelled concert). Maybe the cancellation of The Rolling Stones that evening correlates with America not being ready for a harder Rock sound? Were people scared to go see The Rolling Stones? It was in the month of June after all, a blizzard cannot be blamed for New Haven Connecticut not being into The Rolling Stones. A Hurricane? Doesn’t seem likely. Whatever the case might have been for this concert not selling tickets, it is one heck of a Rock moment in time to ponder!

Granted, The Rolling Stones were extremely new Rock and Roll recording artists to The United States general public, embarking on their first American Tour, with their second American album – 12 x 5 still to be released in October of 1964. Essentially, The Rolling Stones were touring with just one American album release under their Rock and Roll belts, (after only one month), that being England’s Newest Hit Makers, (released in May of 1964). Still, there is NO excuse! The Rolling Stones should have had some type of a showing of fans, at the New Haven Arena that Summer night on June 18, 1964. (In my Metal opinion).

The whole premise of my bringing this historic date in Rock and Roll history to light, is to wonder out loud to the world… WHAT WERE PEOPLE THINKING back on June 18, 1964? It’s THE ROLLING STONES! Without argument, one of the most historic, influential, original, talented and famous Rock bands to ever walk planet Earth! The Rolling Stones, (along with The Who, The Beatles, The Animals and The Kinks), arguably CREATED HARD ROCK! If this date in Rock History proves one thing, it’s that yes, The Rolling Stones DID pay their Rock and Roll dues. At the end of my Metal day, I am leaving this up to social psychologists, cultural think tanks and Rock Music historians to figure out. All I can do is look back on this date in Rock Music history and shake my head in disbelief.

* Please note that the word Golly was used on Metal Odyssey, yes it was, in the second paragraph.

* Metal Odyssey’s source for this unreal great story on The Rolling Stones cancelled concert of June 18, 1964 and it’s historic poster is from: Vintage Concert

What is “dated” music anyway?

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metalodyssey1I cannot apply myself to the acceptance of dated music as having any existence. If, there does exist dated Heavy Metal, Rock, etc., then, what would Classical music be considered as? Classical music would have to be called dark ages-super dated. Please note, that I do not consider Classical music to be dated whatsoever. The building blocks of all popular music we listen to today are from Classical music! What makes me shake my head in wonderment is, the professionally paid critics and experts that are out there consistently using the terminology of dated sound – dated music in their respective reviews. It has become so common place, such the norm recently, that I actually state in my unpaid – unprofessional Metal reviews that a particular album or band does not sound dated!

I would never consider the thought to ever, not in a million Metal years, say to the likes of legendary bands such as AC/DC, The Rolling Stones and Motorhead –  that they sound dated. AC/DC and The Rolling Stones really have not changed their style for decades and they will still fill arenas and stadiums, playing all of their classic tunes from decades ago. Not to get off the Metal highway, however, I do have the upmost respect for legendary, contemporary recording stars like Tom Jones, Smokey Robinson and  Tony Bennett. These three gentleman, to this day, draw an audience that knows NO boundaries when it comes to age, race and gender. Are there pro-paid experts and critics out there who would dare say these three timeless vocalists are dated? 

I embrace the old adage – what once was old is new again. I am no fashion guru, yet when I stroll around the mall and see what is being worn by people of all ages, there are times when you do feel like it is 1974, 1985 or 1991 all over again. Why should that be so bad? If anything else, music can and has been trendy, that is a more realistic observation. Are denim jeans dated? What about new televised game shows? Are rubber tires on an automobile dated too, just due to the fact that rubber tires have been around for decades? Are The Boston Red Sox dated because they play their home games in the historic Fenway Park? Not too shabby a team this past decade for being dated. Is planet Earth dated? Heck, this big blue globe we live on has been around for quite some time and it just keeps on doing the same stuff, like spinning around in the solar system constantly.

To sum up my main point, the next time you read a paid expert’s review declaring how the new and veteran Metal bands sound dated, that Thrash Metal, Death Metal and Black Metal have been recycled enough, just snicker and pity these writers out there who have yet to find a clue. Gee, I am worried now, am I dated? 

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