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Kiss - Kissteria - The Ultimate Vinyl Road Case - promo flyer - 2014

Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set – 1,000 Units Worldwide

Authentic Anvil Road Case

34 LPs With Exclusive Merch And Vinyl Included

Free Shipping In The Continental U.S.A.




Stone Says: WHOA! What a KISS bounty!! I won’t even bother to pre-order, cause I know I won’t be able to afford KISSTERIA. It’s all good though, just looking at what’s in this Anvil Road Case is enough to make me wanna spread the Metal word! This is KISS Kollectible news too good to pass up! Metal be thy name and KISS Forever!!


* For more info on KISS:


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Audio Fidelity To Release Classic Alice Cooper Album ‘Billion Dollar Babies’ On Hybrid SACD, On February 4, 2014!

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Alice Cooper Billion Dollar SACD - promo cover pic - 2014

Camarillo, CA – Alice Cooper fans worldwide rejoice! Marshall Blonstein’s Audio Fidelity is releasing Alice Cooper’s classic album ‘Billion Dollar Babies’ on Hybrid SACD on February 4, 2014! As a bonus, along with the meticulously reproduced artwork, enclosed in every CD is the very collectible replicated ‘Billion Dollar Bill’.

With ‘Billion Dollar Babies’, Alice Cooper refined the raw grit of their earlier work in favor of a slightly more polished sound resulting in a mega-hit album that reached the top of the US and UK album charts. It’s impossible to overstate how popular the band had become by the time their sixth album was released. The album, is brilliant, decadent and encapsulated all the celebrity trashiness of the 70’s only three years into the decade.

Song for song, ‘Billion Dollar Babies’ is probably the original Alice Cooper group’s finest and strongest. The album’s singles “Elected”, “Hello Hooray”, “Billion Dollar Babies”,and “No More Mr. Nice Guy” all became hits on the Billboard Hot 100. Also included are a pair of perennial concert standards – the disturbing necrophilia ditty “I Love the Dead” and the chilling macabre of “Sick Things”.

Alice Cooper Billion Bill - promo - 2014

After the album was released, the band embarked on a tour which broke the US box office records previously held by the Rolling Stones. The show climaxed with a guillotine execution of Alice. The album and the tour made the band into the world’s preeminent pied pipers of teenage trash culture and the most successful rock band ever to be loathed by American parents.

“Other than the original ‘Alice Cooper Band’ being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in 2011, our second biggest achievement was when our album ‘Billion Dollar Babies’ went to Number #1 in all three music trade magazines at the same time in April of 1973. Number #1 in Billboard, Number #1 in Record World and Number #1 in Cash Box. We had hoped it would sell Gold or Platinum as a follow-up to the success of our album ‘School’s Out’, but a Number #1 album was something that was totally unexpected. Over the years the title track “Billion Dollar Babies” has become my signature song because of the recognizable drum intro.” – Neal Smith, Alice Cooper drummer and founding member

“I remember we were out on the road when the album finally came out in February 1973. I listened to it in my hotel room and just got this really big smile. I was thinking, ‘It’s amazing, we’re really pulling this off’. The album was very, very unique and very, very different. I was really proud of the songs, especially ‘No More Mr Nice Guy’, ‘Billion Dollar Babies’ and ‘Generation Landslide’.” – Michael Bruce, Alice Cooper guitarist/keyboardist and founding member

Alice Cooper Billion Dollar SACD - promo cover pic - 2014

To purchase:


1. Hello Hooray

2. Raped and Freezin’

3. Elected

4. Billion Dollar Babies

5. Unfinished Sweet

6. No More Mr. Nice Guy

7. Generation Landslide

8. Sick Things

9. Mary-Ann

10. I Love the Dead


Produced by Bob Ezrin

Mastered by Steve Hoffman at Stephen Marsh Mastering

“…it remains one of rock’s quintessential classic albums!”


(Source: Glass Onyon PR)

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MY CD FIND ALERT! The King Biscuit Flower Hour/Best Of The Best – 25 Years Of Rock

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I stopped by my local Buyback$ (used CD/video/gaming) store last weekend, while searching for used Queen CD’s. I didn’t find any Queen; instead I found and bought the King Biscuit Flower Hour/Best Of The Best – 25 Years Of Rock. I couldn’t resist grabbing this CD right away, for I grew up listening to the King Biscuit Flower Hour and have fond memories of listening to the live concerts that this iconic FM radio show sponsored. Heck, the King Biscuit Flower Hour introduced my ears to full-length live concerts, well before I went to a real live concert! Good times.

From 7th grade through my high school years, (1978 – 1984) the King Biscuit Flower Hour introduced to me many, many Classic Rock bands that I still listen to today. From Genesis to Triumph, with America and The Kinks in-between, this CD not only takes me back on memory lane… this CD flat-out Rocks! There are 16 songs, with 16 different Classic Rock bands represented, in all of their live glory! A solid and honest production, a crisp (and often raw) sound creates an honest-to-goodness live feel which overflows from this whiz-bang CD!


Isn’t it funny, how back in the 70’s and into the 80’s the genre of Classic Rock really didn’t exist yet? Now we all group these bands and their songs into Classic Rock. Hilarious. Um, not really. This all really means I’m getting old. Then again, if my memory serves me correct, the songs from the 50’s and 60’s were called The Golden Oldies back in the 80’s. Um, yeah.

I paid $3.99 (U.S.) for this used CD. The record label is none other than: King Biscuit Flower Hour Records. The release year is printed on the actual CD as: 1998. You can buy this CD on; where I’ve seen 3 used copies for sale, ranging in price from $3.46 to $26.25 (U.S.). I absolutely love this CD, with The Kinks Lola, Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Call Me The Breeze and Carry On Wayward Son from Kansas being grand highlights for me. The liner notes are fabulous, with 4 color and black & white band pics, a tidy history of this legendary live radio show, plus testimonials.

There is, actually, We Will Rock You by (of course) Queen on this CD, therefore, I did find Queen on this trip to Buyback$ after all. Good times. Metal be thy name. – Stone


The track list is as follows and it’s a dandy:

01 – Genesis – That’s All

02 – Queen – We Will Rock You

03 – The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again

04 – Foreigner – Cold As Ice

05 – Kansas – Carry On Wayward Son

06 – Lynyrd Skynyrd – Call Me The Breeze

07 – Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Lucky Man

08 – Rush – Limelight

09 – Pat Benatar – Hit Me With Your Best Shot

10 – The Kinks – Lola

11 – America – Horse With No Name

12 – Bachman-Turner Overdrive – Takin’ Care Of Business

13 – Billy Squier – The Stroke

14 – Rick Derringer – Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo

15 – Triumph – Allied Forces

16 – Blondie – One Way Or Another


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SCORPIONS “Blackout” – Limited Numbered Edition, Hybrid SACD Releasing On January 21st, Via Audio Fidelity

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Scorpions - Blackout - Audio Fidelity - promo cover pic - gold - 2014

SCORPIONS – Releasing on January 21st, 2014, is the SCORPIONS seminal album, Blackout, as a SACD from Audio Fidelity. Not enough can be said for Germany’s highly influential and super legendary SCORPIONS! This SACD is a limited numbered edition and must be included in every SCORPION’s fans collection! Metal be thy name!


1. Blackout

2. Can’t Live Without You

3. No One Like You

4. You Give Me All I Need

5. Now!

6. Dynamite

7. Arizona

8. China White

9. When The Smoke Is Going Down


SCORPIONS – Blackout Lineup:

Klaus Meine – lead vocals

Matthias Jabs – guitar

Rudolf Schenker – guitar

Francis Buchholz – bass

Herman Rarebell – drums, percussion


Production: Dieter Dierks – producer, engineer

Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio


A self-portrait of artist Gottfried Helnwein is featured on the cover of the Blackout album.


* Audio Fidelity:

* For more info on SCORPIONS:


Facebook: Scorpions

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Louis St. August Of Mass Lends Backing Vocals On New Boston Single “Heaven On Earth” – Song Reaches #3 On Classic Rock Charts!

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Boston - Life Love & Hope - promo album pic - 2013 - #1

December 10, 2013 – Hey, did you hear that Louis St. August, the longtime front-man for rockers MASS, was invited into Tom Scholz of BOSTON studio to sing on the new single “Heaven on Earth” that hit #3 on the Classic Rock Charts last week!

St. August, a longtime front-man for the band MASS said, “I was thrilled to be asked to sing a song on BOSTON’s first studio album in 11 years, “Life Love & Hope” (Available now!) St. August contributes his signature polished metal voice on back-up harmonies on the Scholz penned and produced single.

Louis St. August - Promo Photo 2011

Louis St. August

WBCN radio personality Mark Parenteau, who conducted the very first on-the-air radio interview with St August, listened to “Heaven on Earth” last night and commented exclusively to the Boston Globe Names column: “Wow instantly comfortable! Like a new visit from an old friend. Indeed the song lives up to its name!!”


While the band MASS is gearing up for the recording studio and live shows in 2014, St. August is once again raising funds for Toys For Tots as he has annually since 2011. His heartfelt  rendition of the David Foster classic, “Grown Up Christmas List” that appears on MASS “A Very Merry X-MASS” 2 song EP is available exclusively on iTunes. All proceeds go to the “Toys For Tots” organization. “No child should go without a gift on Christmas Morning,” said St. August.

MASS “Grown Up Christmas List ” youtube video:

MASS - Classic Logo!

MASS “A Very Merry Christmas” iTunes link:


* For more info on MASS:


Facebook: Mass

* For more info on BOSTON:


Facebook: Boston

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BOSTON “LIFE LOVE & HOPE” – New Studio Album Releasing December 3rd On Frontiers Records!

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Boston - Life Love & Hope - promo cover pic - 2013

As reported on the BOSTON Facebook page:

More than 10 years in the making, BOSTON’s new studio album, “Life, Love & Hope” is ready for release! Finally emerging from his Hideaway Studio II, Tom Scholz says, “These are songs from the heart, each of them taking many months of effort to write, arrange, perform and record, always up to the demands of BOSTON’s harshest critic, me. They have all been meticulously recorded to analogue tape on the same machines and equipment used for BOSTON’s hits for the past 35 years.”

Available on December 3 on Frontiers Records, this album includes lead vocals from Brad Delp, Tommy DeCarlo, Kimberley Dahme, David Victor, and Tom Scholz, and features tracks with the classic BOSTON sound, as well as the latest in the evolution of Scholz’ musical artistry. “I intentionally stayed close to the early BOSTON style on some of the songs, even using the same amps and instruments; on others I let my imagination run wild,” says Tom.

All the tracks have the characteristic BOSTON trademark guitars, harmonies, and immaculately crafted sound. Tom worked very hard to fulfill the expectations of BOSTON fans new and old, and has created a diverse yet cohesive album that truly has something for everyone.



Order Amazon:



Boston - Life, Love & Hope - promo banner pic - 2013

* For More Info On BOSTON:

Facebook: Boston


Frontiers Records - logo!

Frontiers Records:

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DEEP PURPLE “Above And Beyond” – Limited 7″ Vinyl, Limited CD And Digital Releases October 25th, Via EarMusic

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Deep Purple - Above And Beyond - promo cover pic - 2013

Deep Purple “Above And Beyond” – The new single from the album “NOW What?!” will be available October 25th, 2013 as a limited edition CD, limited Vinyl and digital download.

CD single and 7″ cover based on the original graphic work of Black Dwarf Designs.

The Single “ABOVE AND BEYOND” will be released in two formats:

1) 7” Purple Vinyl Limited Edition:

B-side:  “Space Truckin´” live in Majano, Italy, recorded in July during the NOW WHAT?! Tour

2) CD Single:


– “Things I’ve Never Said”

(studio out-take from the now deleted limited edition of the studio album RAPTURE OF THE DEEP)

– “Space Truckin´” (recorded live during the NOW WHAT?! Tour, 24 July 2013 in Rome)

– “Hush” (recorded live during the NOW WHAT?! Tour, 6th August 2013 in Lokerse Feestem)

The cover of the single has been chosen by the band and their record label earMUSIC among many artwork submissions by fans and young independent artists.

“ABOVE AND BEYOND” is an affectionate homage to founding member Jon Lord to whom the band dedicated the whole “NOW WHAT?!” album (“Souls Having Touched are Forever Entwined”)

In Europe: order by clicking on links below! Whoa!



Deep Purple - Above And Beyond - purple vinyl - promo pic - EarMusic

(Photo Credit: EarMusic Facebook)

(Sources: Deep Purple Facebook, EarMusic Facebook)

* For More Info On DEEP PURPLE:

Facebook: Deep Purple

EarMusic - logo - 2013

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THE DOORS – 10 Things You Never Knew About Them

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The Doors - Waiting For The Sun - promo cover pic!

THE DOORS – Here at Metal Odyssey, we TOTALLY dig the Roots Of Rock ‘N Roll and are never bashful about blabbing about it! Recently, The Doors released a very cool & new app for iPad with factual information on their Rockin’ history. Read on below for more information found on this iPad app!

For 10 Things You Never Knew About The Doors, click on that very cool link below! It will take you to BuzzFeed Community; a whiz-bang website that will get you hooked!

BuzzFeed Community:


The Doors - Classic Band Logo - B&W

Jim Morrison – vocals

Ray Manzarek – organ, keyboards

Robby Krieger – guitar

John Densmore – drums


(Sources: The Doors Facebook, BuzzFeed Community)

Above album cover: Waiting For The Sun (1968/Elektra).

For more info on THE DOORS, click on the links below! Whoa!

Facebook: The Doors

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Rest In Peace, Jim Morrison & Ray Manzarek.



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Black Star Riders - Group - Album - Promo Flyer - 2013 - #1

BLACK STAR RIDERS have revealed the official video for Hey Judas, taken form the band’s new album All Hell Breaks Loose. The video was filmed on May 27th with Northern Irish photographer, music video director and typographical designer Mark Hylands at The Marshall Theatre in Milton Keynes.

Fans can watch the video over on the homepage of Classic Rock (UK) now:

A video message from Hylands about the ‘Hey Judas’ clip can be seen here:

Black Star Riders - band logo - b&w - large


Nuclear Blast:




Black Star Riders:

Nuclear Blast:

Black Star Riders - group photo by Mattia Zoppellaro


Ricky Warwick – Vocals & Guitar

Scott Gorham – Guitars

Damon Johnson – Guitars

Marco Mendoza – Bass

Jimmy DeGrasso – Drums


(Source: Nuclear Blast)

For more info on BLACK STAR RIDERS, click on links below!

Facebook: Black Star Riders

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RICK NIELSEN Of CHEAP TRICK – Is Cover Feature For July Issue Of Guitar Player Magazine!

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Rick Nielsen - Cheap Trick - Guitar Player - cover promo banner - 2013

The July 2013 issue of Guitar Player is on the newsstands now!

Cheap Trick’s legendary Rick Nielsen is the featured cover story! Metal be thy name!


For more info on CHEAP TRICK, click on the links below!

Facebook: Cheap Trick

Cheap Trick - Classic logo - promo block - B&WFor more info on GUITAR PLAYER, click on the links below!

Facebook: Guitar Player Magazine

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Can Anyone Explain To Me, Why After ALL These Years, CHEAP TRICK Are NOT Inducted Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame? Shameful, Shocking And Embarrassing, It Truly Is. It’s an INSULT to Cheap Trick and ALL Knowledgeable Rock Music Fans Worldwide.

So Let It Be Metal Written, So Let It Be Metal Told: This Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame ‘Good Old Boys Politically Bias Club’ Has Gotten Very Old.



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Kiss - live on axs tv - promo banner - 2013

As reported on the KISS Facebook page ( June 13, 2013):

Ready to Rock and Roll All Night? KISS is coming! One of the best LIVE bands of all time is LIVE on AXS TV, June 20th at 3pE with an encore presentation at 11pE!

You don’t have to wait for your chance to win a signed guitar. Sign up here, and share with your friends to increase your chances of winning! Now go ahead and party every day!


For more info on KISS, click on the links below! Whoa!

Facebook: KISS


Facebook: AXS TV

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Santana & Journey Legend Gregg Rolie To Play ‘Sandstock’ Virginia Beach Music Festival

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Gregg Rolie - jeffcamphoto_20_207-8055_MR

The Gregg Rolie Band Performs Live:

When: June 22, 2013

Where: Sandstock – Virginia Beach Music Festival – 17th Street Park, Virginia Beach, VA


Houston, TX – Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Gregg Rolie, best known for his vocals and keyboard work with legendary music groups Santana and Journey, will be performing at ‘Sandstock’ Virginia Beach Music Festival on June 22, 2013. The Gregg Rolie Band will be playing electrifying versions of several Santana classics such as “Evil Ways”, “Black Magic Woman”, “Soul Sacrifice”, “Jingo” and “No One To Depend On” as well as tracks from Rolie’s previous studio effort ‘Roots’, along with new songs. The Gregg Rolie Band consists of Adrian Areas (son of original Santana percussionist Jose Chepito Areas) on Timbales, drummer Ron Wikso (The Storm/David Lee Roth/Richie Sambora), Elliot “Toby” Borrero on congas, Rocket Ritchotte on guitars, internationally acclaimed bassist Gary Brown and former Jean Luc Ponty keyboardist Wally Minko.

From his work with Santana and Journey, Gregg Rolie is no stranger to great musicianship. Given his experience and his desire to make the music the best it can be, he has chosen some of the best musicians in the world to bring his band and its music to life. Gregg was determined to resurrect the sound he helped shape and make famous as Santana’s original lead singer and keyboard player, while at the same time bringing it forward to the 21st century. To do that required finding just the right mix of experience, musicianship and chemistry. Having worked with some of the biggest names in music over the years and having toured the world many times over, these musicians have the skills to interpret this music in the way it is meant to be interpreted, as Gregg so intimately knows.


Says Gregg: “The band is great because we all really enjoy each other, and I think the sound reflects the fun we are having.” The Gregg Rolie Band will also be performing this summer at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk on June 28th and the Bluesfest International Canada on July 13th.

In other news, after a successful tour with Ringo Starr’s All Star Band in the Pacific Rim, which included dates in Australia, New Zealand and Japan, Gregg Rolie will be touring with Ringo and the band again this fall! Gregg, along with Steve Lukather, Todd Rundgren, Richard Page, Mark Rivera, Gregg Bissonette and of course, Ringo Starr, will head to Latin America for 14 shows, with two dates in the US, at The Palms in Las Vegas just before Thanksgiving.

Listen to and watch Santana and the Gregg Rolie Band (Live) below!

Visit Gregg’s website for updated tour information:

Finally, check out the new CD by Gregg Rolie & Alan Haynes titled ‘Live At The Iridium’, which is exclusively available and can be purchased at Gregg Rolie’s website:

Taken from one of Gregg and Alan’s duo performances at the esteemed Iridium Club in New York City, this Live CD captures the essence of the duo in action, in an intimate setting. Gregg brings stories of the glory days of Santana, the early days of Journey, and great new arrangements of classics like “Look Into The Future”, “Evil Ways”, “Anytime” and “Black Magic Woman”. Also included, brilliant new material from his recent solo project, including the touching “If I Went Home”, a song 30 years in the making about his falling out with the band Journey. Armed with a Steinway grand, and Texas Strat-slinger Alan Haynes, Gregg Rolie transforms his stadium rockers into an exciting and personal night club show.


For Ticket Info:

For more information:


(Source: Glass Onyon PR)




Great White’s Mark Kendall – An Interview With This Legendary Band’s Founding Member, Guitarist And Songwriter

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Mark Kendall - Great White - promo pic - #11 - 2012

Our fans are the are the most loyal fans in the world. We are totally grateful and feel very blessed! – Mark Kendall


The story of Great White has many twists and turns; rising to a hard-earned status of world-wide popularity in the 80’s, with millions of albums sold, resulting in an instantly recognizable and branded band name, a 1990 Grammy nomination, touring across the globe with the industries biggest name bands, tragedy, a media intensified change in lead vocalists, lawsuits and then… Elation. With the arrival of Terry Ilous as the new frontman for Great White, a whole new era of Rock ‘N’ Roll spirit was ushered in as well for this legendary band.

Mark Kendall, Great White’s founding member, guitarist and songwriter, has recently took the time from his packed schedule to be interviewed by me; for which I extend a tremendous thank you to this talented and legendary gentleman of Rock. Mark elaborates on what the current vibes within Great White are like, the band’s newest studio and live albums, the changeover with lead vocalists and of course the fans. Here is what Mark Kendall had to say:


Stone: What was (until now) the untold “big break” that Great White encountered during the early days of the band?

Mark: One of our first big breaks was meeting our Manager Alan Niven and making our first 5 song EP. This was such a huge moment for us. Michael Wagener was brought out from Germany to Engineer and Produce it and we already knew of him because of his work with Accept. Then when airplay followed on the 2 biggest Radio Stations in Los Angeles on KMET and KLOS we had really started to get excited.

Stone: After all these years, can Great White declare a feeling of Elation, just as your new album title reads?

Mark: Absolutely! We are really enjoying ourselves at the moment and the energy within the band is very positive!

GREAT WHITE - Elation promo cover

Stone: During the exit period of Jack Russell was there ever a time when you thought Great White was “on the ropes”?

Mark: I never felt the band was on the ropes, but I felt Jack was. It’s very difficult to watch a person self destruct and you can’t do anything about it. I have never put that much energy and attention into trying to get a person sober and healthy in my entire life. It just wears on you and it’s a very difficult thing when someone just won’t accept help. His addiction unfortunately is winning and it has literally destroyed his body. He has this huge extended stomach, skinny little legs and just looks so sick, it’s very sad. I asked people who have 30 plus years sobriety is there anything I am missing or is there something else I can be doing for him. I was told that if an addict is not ready to surrender to his addiction there is nothing anyone can do. I work with a lot of struggling addicts and alcoholics on a daily basis, as well as I am involved with the Grammy Foundation through MusiCares to give back to the program and help people. What I have found is the ones who do well and are successful are the ones who want it more than anything! One can only hope he finds help before it’s too late..He remains in our prayers…

Stone: Is there a new-found feeling of brotherhood within Great White, now that Terry (Ilous) has become your new lead vocalist?

Mark: Everything is just easy and fun. We are having fun again without any drama. That alone is worth its weight in gold! Terry leaves it on stage every night and always brings everything he has to our live shows. He is a pleasure to be around and always has a positive vibe. He makes you feel good when you’re around him. The brotherhood is totally intact and our creative juices are flowing like crazy! I can’t wait to do the next record.

Great White - Group Publicity Pic - 2013 - #10


Mark Kendall – Guitar
Michael Lardie – Keyboards & Guitar
Scott Snyder – Bass
Audie Desbrow – Drums
Terry Ilous – Vocals


Stone: Mark, how did it all unfold as Terry becoming the lead vocalist for Great White?

Mark: He filled in when Jack was on his path of self-destruction. Jack had to pull out of a tour with more than 30 dates on the books. To save face with the promoters we asked Terry to fill in. Terry had already filled in for one show. We actually had Jani Lane fill in for a few shows as well. When Jack reached the point of no return and announced he was moving on, Terry was a no brainer. We loved the man. Terry is such a good singer and a total pro. He is very dedicated and wants to work very hard all the time and is always very motivated. He vibrates at a frequency that’s a little higher than your average person!

Stone: Of course money is essential to live, however, what is more important, selling multi-millions of albums or playing the music that you love, live for your fans?

Mark: Playing live is everything to us!! Selling music has nothing to do with anything as far as just pure enjoyment. The great thing if you are selling millions of records though means your music is reaching a lot of people. That probably means more people will be at the shows and that’s very cool. Playing live is my favorite thing about making music though. Nothing else even comes close!

Great White - 30th Anniversary - promo cover pic!

Stone: I look upon your newly released “30 Years – Live From The Sunset Strip” (Frontiers Records) as not only a celebration of Great White; I look upon it as a band that has persevered and showcases one of America’s greatest live Hard Rock Bands of yesterday and today. Did you guys have to be prodded for this live anniversary album or was it always in the cards?

Mark: No we didn’t. This is a tremendous milestone and we really wanted to celebrate it. We felt what a great way to do it by bringing it back to where it all started for us on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood California! It was such a great night. All our friends, fans and family came down to the show. We brought the video cameras out and recorded the show.

Stone: Media and fan response to “Elation” and your hit single “Hard To Say Goodbye” has been phenomenal. What were your expectations with the release of “Elation”? I look upon it all as a tremendous fresh and new start for Great White.

Mark: The feedback from everyone has been absolutely amazing!I think it’s a very great first effort. It was a lot of fun to make and we are all happy. I think the album is consistent and for writing, recording, mixing and mastering the album in 35 days we can’t complain. I really look forward to doing the next one. I am ready to make a statement and the next album I feel is going to be our strongest ever. I am setting my goals high and I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t believe it. This  is a new chapter in the Great White book and we are enjoying riding the wave. Our fans are the are the most loyal fans in the world. We are totally grateful and feel very blessed!

Listen to and watch “Hard To Say Goodbye” below!

Stone: Frontiers Records has continuously signed the crème de la crème of 80’s Rock and Hard Rock bands. Were you approached by Frontiers or did you approach them?

Mark: We approached them and a few others. I think it’s great that there are labels that help get rock and roll music to the people. It’s a different world now than it was back in the day. We no longer have all the mediums like MTV and Radio, so it’s harder to get our music to the people. I just want people to hear our music. Everything is internet now so you really need a good team of people who know how to network.We have a great staff who are doing a wonderful job!

Stone: Mark, could you pinpoint the greatest moment you’ve experienced as a musician, regardless of how small or large the moment was?

Mark: For me it was having a musician father that encouraged me. I had some natural ability and there was always music in my house. I think having a Mother and Father that encouraged just about anything I did musically was a great experience and I don’t think anything else could really compare to that.

Great White - large classic logo___________________________________________________

For more info on GREAT WHITE, click on the links below!


facebook: Great White [Band]

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Classic Rock Legends Wishbone Ash Set 2013 North America Spring Tour

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Wishbone Ash - publicity group pic - 2013 - #1

Danbury, CT – Wishbone Ash, one of the most influential guitar bands in the history of Rock, kicks off the North American leg of their 2013 tour on February 28. The group returns to these shores following a successful spring tour last year to celebrate the release of their highly acclaimed studio album, Elegant Stealth, and on the heels of the RoadWorks 3 release, a collection of live performances.

During the Elegant Stealth Tour of 2012, Wishbone Ash played to full houses in the Northeast and Midwest. The upcoming North American Tour features many familiar venues plus several new stops, including dates on the West Coast and in Canada.

Released in November 2011 by ZYX Music, Elegant Stealth represents a benchmark in the evolution of Wishbone Ash. Signature twin-lead melodies and a powerhouse rhythm section frame 11 new tracks that reflect a diverse realm of styles and moods.

Formed in 1969, Wishbone Ash has more than 20 original studio recordings and several live albums to their credit. On Elegant Stealth, the group coalesces around strong songwriting and serious chops. Founding member Andy Powell handles lead vocals and trades licks with Finland’s guitar wizard Muddy Manninen. Bassist Bob Skeat, a 15-year veteran of the band and in-demand studio musician, sets the pace with Joe Crabtree, one of the best of Britain’s new breed of drummers, having played with Pendragon and David Cross of King Crimson. The band demonstrates its versatility on Elegant Stealth, from the Pop/Rocker “Reason to Believe” to the gentler vibe of “Give it Up” to tunes like “Warm Tears” and “Big Issues,” where the band gets to stretch out and flex its musical muscles.

Below, listen to and watch the music video for Reason To Believe:

Classic Rock Revisited’s Jeb Wright called Elegant Stealth “one of the best albums in Wishbone Ash’s 42 year career.”

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck of said, “This band is like a fine wine that just keeps getting better with age and this is one of their strongest studio releases in years.”

“The songs are catchy, very technical, but there is a soul in what Wishbone Ash is doing!” said Mark Kadzielawa of 69 Faces of Rock.

Citing Wishbone Ash as an influence on their style, Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden, Southern Rock outfits like Lynyrd Skynyrd and, more recently, heavyweights like Opeth and some of the guitar- based Indie/Alternative bands, have all taken a little something from the legendary twin-guitar approach of Wishbone Ash. Truly, there is no other Rock band on the planet that has done more with the twin guitar concept than the Ash.

Wishbone Ash - Elegant Stealth - promo cover pic

Wishbone Ash North America Spring 2013 Tour Dates:

February 28 – Tupelo Music Hall, Londonderry, NH

March 1 – Towne Crier, Pawling, NY – Featuring Argus Live

March 2 – Record Collector, Bordentown, NJ – Featuring Argus Live

March 3 – Ukranian American Cultural Center, Whippany, NJ

March 4 – Iron Horse, Northhampton, MA

March 5 – Bridge Street Live, Collinsville, CT

March 6 – Bull Run, Shirley, MA

March 7 – Sellersville Theatre, Sellersville, PA

March 8 – Iridium, New York, NY

March 9 – Mauch Chunk Opera House, Jim Thorpe, PA

March 10 – Wellsboro House; Wellsboro, PA

March 11 – Winchester Music Hall, Cleveland, OH

March 12 – Callahan’s, Auburn Hills, MI

March 13 – Fitzgerald’s, Berwyn, IL

March 14 – Pabst Theater – Turner Hall, Milwaukee, WI

March 16 – Festival Place, Sherwood Park, Alberta, BC

March 19 – The Venue, Alberta, BC – Featuring Argus Live

March 20 – Jazzbones, Tacoma, WA – Featuring Argus Live

March 21 – Aladdin Theater, Portland, OR – Featuring Argus Live

More dates to come …



Making of Elegant Stealth – Rockumentary Trailer (3min55):

Elegant Stealth Promo vid (1 min):

Live footage (Live in London DVD):


(Source: Glass Onyon PR)

For more info on WISHBONE ASH, click on the links below!

facebook: Wishbone Ash

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small




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Skid Row - Group Pic - Allen Ross Thomas - 2012 - #2

(Photo Credit: Allen Ross Thomas)



SKID ROW – Check out below the U.S. and international tour dates (with venues & cities) for the legendary American Hard & Heavy Rock Band… SKID ROW! Metal be thy name and… WHOA!


03.22.2013 The Orleans Arena, Las Vegas

04.04.2013 The Railway – Ispwich, England

04.05.2013 White Rabbit – Plymouth, England

04.06.2013 Great Hall 2 – Cardiff, Wales

04.07.2013 HRH AOR Festival – Rotherham, England

04.09.2013 Yardbirds – Grimsby, England

04.10.2013 Fibbers – York, England

04.11.2013 NQ Live – Manchester, England

04.12.2013 Leamington Assembly – Leamington, England

04.13.2013 Islington Academy – London, England

04.15.2013 Meet Factory – Prague, Czech Republic

04.16.2013 KD Frydek Mistek – Czech Republic

04.19.2013 M15 Concert Bar & Grill – Corona, CA

04.20.2013 Pima County Fair – Tucson, AZ

06.08.2013 Sweden Rock Festival – Solvesborg, Sweden

08.17.2013 Amos’s Southend – Charlotte, NC

Skid Row - large logo - red & black


Johnny Solinger – vocals

Scotti Hill – guitar

Rachel Bolan – bass

Snake Sabo – guitar

Rob Hammersmith – drums



For more info on SKID ROW, click on the links below!

facebook: SKID ROW

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SWEET – Giving To Fans, On Their Website: FREE Live Album ‘100% Live 2010’ Starting January 1st!

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Sweet will be giving away a Free Live album on their website ( starting the 1st of January for one week only. The album is called: 100% Live 2010

The recording is 100% LIVE, no studio trickery or over dubs, just a stereo mix from the FOH mixing desk plus a stereo audience microphone. There are 11 tracks from the 2010 show, plus 2 exclusive bonus tracks.

(Source: Sweet Press)


Andy Scott – guitar & vocals

Pete Lincoln – lead vocals & bass

Tony O’Hora – guitar, keyboards & vocals

Bruce Bisland – drums & vocals



Metal Odyssey Mulls Over: Why Are Classic Rock Bands Re-Recording Their Greatest Hits?

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I am not a curmudgeon when it comes to cover songs. Actually, I’ve always embraced a good (and sometimes) excellent cover song and/or album of such songs. I like to look upon a cover song as celebrating the Rock historical impact of its respective original. When a Classic Rock band “re-records” their own songs from the past, they are essentially covering their own songs. The preceding sentence sounds a tad silly huh?

My admiration for a multi-vast number of Classic Rock bands is real and I’ll use four current and legendary bands as examples for this post, all in which have toured extensively while releasing new studio albums in recent years: KISSJourney, Foreigner and Styx. No doubt, I’ve enjoyed listening to all four of these bands re-recorded compilations. The classic quote “what’s old is new again” can seriously be applied to the recent re-recordings of these highly influential bands.

The above mentioned bands each have a catalog of albums that span four decades plus, therefore, breathing a newfound energy and modern relevance into their classic songs is not such a negative move. Or is it? I don’t want to come across as hypocritical when I say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” or “nothing beats an original”, especially after I’ve stated that I’ve enjoyed these bands rejuvenated greatest hits. Certainly there is money to be made from these four bands re-recording their classics, however, the generations of new fans that are recruited, due to the lure of these re-recordings, is what really matters. In turn, these new fans will (hopefully) keep the Classic Rock flame burning for many years to come.

Even though I spend the money on re-recorded greatest hits from these bands, it doesn’t mean I’ll ignore the original material and look upon it as dated. Truth be told, I’d much rather listen to the original (1978) Pieces Of Eight by Styx and Foreigner’s (1978) Double Vision albums before I reach for the newly re-recorded comps. I’m old school, yet I’m also for moving forward as well. Numerous Classic Rock bands have moved forward, with lineup and lead vocal changes being an inevitable part of the Rock business model. Longevity doesn’t guarantee that an original lineup stays intact and re-recording songs from long ago unites the past with the present.

KISS, Journey, Foreigner and Styx each have earned a brand recognition in the global music marketplace, each carrying on their unique style of Classic Hard Rock, without compromising the quality I have grown to expect from them. I guess when it’s done right and with reverence to the song, any Classic Rock band can re-record their classics for the world to hear and enjoy. At the end of my Metal day, re-recordings from these four bands I’ve discussed or from any Classic Rock band for that matter, is history that I don’t mind hearing and being repeated. Of course I may not like every re-recorded song (or cover song) out there. What I do like is knowing the door to Classic Rock’s past will never be closed anytime soon.




IRON CLAW – Guitarist and Founding Member Jimmy Ronnie Comments On Band’s Lead Vocalist Transition

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Today, Jimmy Ronnie (guitarist and founding member of Scotland’s Hard Rock pioneers IRON CLAW) commented to Metal Odyssey on the recent departure of vocalist Gordon Brown. Thank you Jimmy! Here is what Jimmy had to say:

“As far as Gordon’s departure goes I haven’t really got much more to add, beyond that has already been said by Gordon himself. There is no bad feeling between us and we wish him good fortune in his future musical endeavours. Gordon has done a fine job on the album and that remains for all to hear. It’s just that the time had come for us to go in separate directions and when it came down to it we found ourselves in complete agreement on that point”.

“Iron Claw is still very much alive and looking forward to working with the next lead vocalist. There are plans to take the live show to audiences both here in the UK and abroad and Ripple Music have confirmed their desire to release another album in a year or so. Many thanks to Metal Odyssey for your continuing support”.

Jimmy Ronnie, Guitarist, Iron Claw – October 24th, 2011

Above: Jimmy Ronnie – By permission of Jimmy Ronnie

Above photo taken at first gig after Iron Claw reformation, at “Comlongon Rocks”, a charity one day festival in South West Scotland.

Click on the large header link below, to read what Gordon Brown had to say, regarding his leaving Iron Claw, (originally posted on Metal Odyssey October 21, 2011):

Gordon Brown – Former IRON CLAW Vocalist Reflects On His Tenure For “A Different Game” Album, Discusses Departing The Band

* For more info on IRON CLAW, click on the links below:

IRON CLAW – facebook

Ripple Music – facebook





Monday’s Question Of The Day: Why Is Chicago Not In The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame?

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CHICAGO – Yes, on a very frequent basis I do rant, regarding the obvious omissions of legendary bands/musicians that the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame are embarrassingly guilty of not inducting for membership. Believe me, this is not the first time nor the last, that I am ranting about the ignorance and politics of The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

The 500 “Rock Scholars” and/or whatever else they’re called, over there in Cleveland, Ohio,  should all put their heads down in shame about ignoring this legendary American Rock Band: Chicago. Read the musical achievements below about Chicago and maybe you too will agree… Chicago is a Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Band!

The following facts about Chicago are taken from this source: Classic Rock Presents AOR Magazine, Issue 3, July 2011

* Record Sales Of 100 Million

* 21 U.S. Top Ten Singles

* Five Consecutive Chart-Topping Albums

* 11 Number One Singles

* 25 Of 32 Albums Are Certified Platinum



IRON CLAW – “A Different Game”: Bluesy, Classic Hard Rock That Points To The Past And Leads Us To The Present

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IRON CLAW – Step aside, Anvil… there’s a Rock n’ Roll comeback story that blows yours into the stratosphere. IRON CLAW is the Rock n’ Roll comeback story of legend. We’re looking at a band that hasn’t released new material in nearly forty years and now A Different Game will be set loose upon the Rock Music world on October 4th, 2011, on Ripple Music. For IRON CLAW, it is “a different game” and they haven’t a thing to lose, only amazing praise to gain from anyone who respects and enjoys beyond memorable Classic Hard Rock and vintage Heavy Metal.

You see, IRON CLAW was playing their brand of Heavy Rock at live gigs when Heavy Metal was just getting it’s name. The early 70’s were the building blocks for the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal that we all cherish deeply in 2011… and IRON CLAW was there… planting the seeds. Touring during the early years with the legendary likes of The Kinks, Spencer Davis and Pink Fairies, (to name a few), IRON CLAW easily can be considered an important underground player within the structure of the British Rock Movement. Without a “coveted” record contract, the Rock history books have overlooked too many silent legends, the pioneers of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock such as IRON CLAW. With A Different Game, their role in Rock history shall never go unspoken again.

Stone at Metal Odyssey won’t overlook IRON CLAW, no Metal way. If you have even a sliver of Hard Rock or vintage Heavy Metal in your Rock n’ Roll soul, you too will not overlook IRON CLAW and their forthcoming Hard Rock gemstone: A Different Game. Life is funny and filled with surprises. IRON CLAW has been my most personal biggest Rock n’ Roll surprise I’ve ever encountered in my entire Metal lovin’ and Hard Rockin’ life. With all this said, you can’t possibly short change yourself from being a part of what I consider to be “one of”, if not “the biggest” Rock n’ Roll comebacks in Rock Music history and it’s IRON CLAW –  A Different Game.

(Photo courtesy of IRON CLAW)

(L to R: Jimmy (guitar), Gordon (vocals), Ian (drums) and Alex (bass))

These Rockin’ dudes from Scotland would never have considered even an attempt at a comeback, if they felt this new album wasn’t their best work of their lives. It is their best work. A Different Game contains the thick and muscular riffs from Jimmy Ronnie’s guitar that will guarantee to make the iconic Tony Iommi nod with approval and pride. Jimmy can jam, so go spread the Rockin’ word. As I listen to Jimmy Ronnie play guitar on this album, I realize that a new page must be added to any and all coffee table books on Rock guitarists. Add a chapter for this entire band in any Rock Music encyclopedia… right now. Their songs are that fantastic.

A Different Game is a reminder that Rock n’ Roll was born from the Blues and Gordon Brown’s vocals will have you searching to see if he ever “once” sang for Deep Purple. So fluid, so classic is the voice of Gordon’s that I swear he has a famously storied Rock career, one that VH1 would have a documentary on… only it’s all heard and told here on A Different Game. Alex Wilson on bass and Ian McDougall on drums play in rhythmic old school unison, fostering those visions of a world without big brother watching you and FM programming returning to AOR formats.

The relevance of IRON CLAW lies in the Hard Rockin’ and Bluesy sound they are so gifted at playing and is what countless bands of any age are trying to capture to this very day. Before I sat down to write this review on A Different Game, I wondered how inappropriate it would be to not call out individual songs and break ’em down. Then, the realization poured over me: what in the hell is there to point out, other than this IRON CLAW album holding it’s Hard Rock merit valiantly as a whole? IRON CLAW is a band that was bred when listening to an album from front to back was second nature. My album review here is one of totality and A Different Game is the total Classic Rock package.

A Different Game must be listened to and enjoyed from beginning to end. The underlying and deliberate rawness of sound, coupled with this bands old school style and musicianship, may hopefully be utilized one day as a blueprint to a young band’s future, while also serving as a reminder to us seasoned Rockaholics that the past is never a closed book. Instead, the roots of Rock are a never ending gateway and guide to where Rock Music is today and tomorrow. IRON CLAW has returned and their unfinished business might just Rock your world… It’s Rocked mine.


Gordon Brown – vocals

Jimmy Ronnie – guitar

Alex Wilson – bass

Ian McDougall – drums

A Different Game – Track Listing:

What Love Left


The Traveler

A Different Game

Angel Woman

Southern Sky

Falling Down

It’s Easy

My Way Down

Love Is Blind


See Them Fall

Closing In

* For more info on IRON CLAW, click on the links below:

IRON CLAW – facebook

IRON CLAW – twitter

Ripple Music

Ripple Music – IRON CLAW – What Love Left/Free Download



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