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LITA FORD – To Perform At Sweden Rock Festival 2023

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Text and photos from Marten Andersson Twitter timeline:

It’s official! The Lita Ford freight train is rolling into the @swedenrockfest on June 8! We couldn’t be more excited! I get to Rock for my hometown peeps. 🇸🇪

Lita Ford (vocals & guitar) ~ Marten Andersson (bass), Bobby Rock (drums), Patrick Kennison (guitar)

JEFF BECK And JOHNNY DEPP – To Release New Album “18” On July 15th

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For The 13-Track Collection, The Legendary Guitarist And Hollywood Vampires Co-Founder Record A Range Of Covers That Touch On Motown, The Beach Boys, John Lennon, The Velvet Underground, Killing Joke, And More, Along with Two Depp Original Compositions

First Single, The Depp Original “This Is A Song For Miss Hedy Lamarr” Is Out Today

Jeff Beck And Johnny Depp Are Currently On Tour In Europe Through July 25th

LOS ANGELES – Jeff Beck found a kindred spirit in Johnny Depp when the two met in 2016. They bonded quickly over cars and guitars and spent most of their time together trying to make each other laugh. At the same time, Beck’s appreciation grew for Depp’s serious songwriting skills and his ear for music. That talent and their chemistry convinced Beck they should make an album together.

Depp agreed and they started in 2019. Over the next three years, they recorded a mix of Depp originals along with a wide range of covers that touches on everything from Celtic and Motown to the Beach Boys and Killing Joke. In 2020, during the pandemic, they previewed their collaboration with their well-timed cover of John Lennon’s “Isolation.” 

The duo’s 13-track album, dubbed 18, will arrive on July 15. Beck explains the album title: “When Johnny and I started playing together, it really ignited our youthful spirit and creativity. We would joke about how we felt 18 again so that just became the album title too.”

18 will be available on CD and digitally, with a 180-gram black vinyl version coming on September 30. The cover features an illustration of Beck and Depp as 18-year-olds that was drawn and designed by Beck’s wife Sandra. 

Leading up to the release of 18, Beck has launched a European tour, with Depp as a special guest, which will conclude on July 25 at L’Olympia in Paris.

Credit: Christie Goodwin

For the last 12 years Depp has recorded and toured with the Hollywood Vampires, a band he started with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry. The supergroup has released two studio albums that include guest appearances by some of rock’s biggest names: Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, and Joe Walsh. The list also includes Beck, who played guitar on “Welcome To Bushwackers,” a song on Rise, the Vampires’ second album, which came out in 2019.

Soon after, Depp asked Beck to play lead on a tune he’d written, the album’s first single “This Is A Song For Miss Hedy Lamarr,” an homage to the actress/inventor. Beck says it was the catalyst for the collaboration and is one of his favorite songs on the new album. “I was blown away by it,” he says. “That song is one of the reasons I asked him to make an album with me.” The track is available today digitally, along with an accompanying music video. Click here to view now.

Of Beck, Depp adds, “It’s an extraordinary honor to play and write music with Jeff, one of the true greats and someone I am now privileged enough to call my brother.”

In the studio, Beck says he and Depp challenged each other to leave their comfort zones with the songs they chose to cover. “I haven’t had another creative partner like him for ages,” Beck says. “He was a major force on this record. I just hope people will take him seriously as a musician because it’s a hard thing for some people to accept that Johnny Depp can sing rock and roll.”

Depp justifies Beck’s faith on the new album by showing off his incredible emotional range on songs like The Velvet Underground’s “Venus In Furs,” the Everly Brothers’ ballad “Let It Be Me” and Marvin Gaye’s soul classic “What’s Going On.” On the instrumentals, Beck demonstrates why he’s universally revered as a guitar god with stunning versions of Davy Spillane’s “Midnight Walker” and two songs from the Beach Boys’ masterpiece, Pet Sounds – “Caroline, No” and “Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder).”

Track Listing:

  1. “Midnight Walker” (Davy Spillane cover)
  2. “Death And Resurrection Show” (Killing Joke cover)
  3. “Time” (Dennis Wilson cover)
  4. “Sad Motherfuckin’ Parade” (Johnny Depp original)
  5. “Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)” (Beach Boys cover)
  6. “This Is A Song For Miss Hedy Lamarr” (Johnny Depp original)
  7. “Caroline, No” (Beach Boys cover)
  8. “Ooo Baby Baby” (The Miracles cover)
  9. “What’s Going On” (Marvin Gaye cover)
  10. “Venus In Furs” (The Velvet Underground cover)
  11. “Let It Be Me” (The Everly Brothers cover)
  12. “Stars” (Janis Ian cover)
  13. “Isolation” (John Lennon cover)*

*Available on digital and CD version only

Jeff Beck:

Johnny Depp

Source: Best Bet Promotions



THE DEAD DAISIES – Release New Single: “Radiance”

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From The Dead Daisies newsletter:

Hey everyone,

We’ve got some awesome news and really excited to bring you our new single, ‘Radiance’ off the upcoming album!

Hope you’re gonna love ‘Radiance’ with its thunderous opening, it really sets the scene on this heavy rock extravaganza.  You’ll dig the riff with its deep 70’s vibe, born in the industrious heartland of England.  Glenn’s power house vocal, towers above the musical storm of the duelling guitars of Doug and David and the earthshaking drums of Brian Tichy.  

This is going to rock LIVE! 

“Well new music out… we have a very unique and interesting song here called ‘Radiance’. Different than we have written before….It’s the first off our next album so crank it up!” – Doug Aldrich

Put Thursday June 2nd in your calendar cause we’re gonna give you a glimpse into the metaverse…

Our first meta cinematic (video) for ‘Radiance’ will introduce you to a parallel universe with the Daisies’ digital offspring, The Meta Daisies.  Accompanying them in this new dimension is their guardian Daisy at the helm.  ‘Radiance’ will give a promise of what’s to come in the Daisyland Metaverse. 

“I’m excited for everyone to hear ‘Radiance’, a little slab of new Daisies rock! It’s been a lot of fun recording with Doug, Glenn and David, and now I’m psyched to throw down live with the guys! Hope to see you all out there on tour this year!” – Brian Tichy 

Strap yourself in for a rockin’ ride, to infinity and beyond!

Click link below to hear Radiance:


TED NUGENT – Hard Rock Legend Pauses To Thank God, Family, Country And Work

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Ted Nugent - Shut Up And Jam - promo cover pic - 2014

As posted on the timeline of the Ted Nugent Facebook, this July 27th:

THE ENERGY is truly miraculous but it is not a mystery where it all comes from. Clean & sober for 66 years fueling the sacred temple with pure American venison forever helps immensely, but it is the spiritual rocketfuel of God, family, country and work that fans the fiery flames of my American Dream. Those that hate me hate all those perfect things. Truly phenomenal. SHUTUP&JAM! 2014 tour is another dream come true because of the unbridled positive spirit, goodwill & overall decency of the good people who support my self-evident truth crusade to take back America from the evil obamagang hellbent on our destruction. ROCKON America! ROCKON!! I SMELL FALL!!!

Ted Nugent - For President - promo sticker image

* For more info on TED NUGENT:

Facebook: Ted Nugent


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QUEEN “Greatest Hits I II & III” – Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Queen - Greatest Hits - I II III - promo box set picture - 2014

This beautiful QUEEN CD box set (above) is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day and here’s my story why:

Just this past week it was revealed to me, from my (teenage) daughter, that she is a fan of Queen and a huge fan of the late Freddie Mercury. I held back the tears of joy, as she expressed her sincere appreciation of this iconic band’s music to me. Her unquestionably compassionate emotion for the (incredibly) legendary Freddie Mercury is beyond heartwarming, as I listened to her during (at least) three conversations we enjoyed together last week.

The leap I’ve been waiting for has arrived! The stars have aligned and Mother Earth has summoned all creatures both large and small to celebrate in my joy of this news! Stonehenge has moved a centimeter to the right. The Great Pyramid has beamed a laser to the stars. The Classic Rock Gods really do move in mysterious ways. Hallelujah and Metal be thy name. In other words, Stone is a happy and proud dad.

I love my daughter more than words can ever, ever express, regardless if she has become a Queen fan or not. However, as you can tell, her fondness for Queen has me tickled to Metal death. When She asked me for any of my Queen CD’s to listen to, I  told her to give me some time to find them; for my entire CD collection is still (shamefully) unorganized since last February’s big move from Pennsylvania to Ohio. Panic had now begun to stir inside me…

Brian May - Back To The Light - promo cover pic - 2014

BRIAN MAY – Back To The Light (1993)

I remembered having the first solo CD from Brian May not being lost in my collection; so I immediately went to the shelf where I knew I’d find it and there it was! Back To The Light was released back in 1993 and I bought it used a few years ago for around $3 (US). Nice price, huh? Whoa.

I gave this Brian May hidden gem to my daughter for starters, as I continued searching for the only two Queen CD’s I knew I own. The Brian May CD pictured above is the CD cover version that I own and gave her; I realize there is another CD cover art version out there.

Queen - Stone Cold Classics - promo cover pic - 2014

QUEEN – Stone Cold Classics (2006)

You see, being the old school fart I am, I never upgraded my Queen vinyl LP’s or cassettes to CD; with the exception of owning Queen’s Stone Cold Classics and  A Kind Of Magic on CD. My vintage Queen vinyl was swept under by evil water and that’s now an old, lousy, sad story. I wanted and needed to give my daughter as much (digital) Queen as I can currently afford; therefore I took a ride on Sunday (yesterday) to my local Best Buy for a Queen CD hunt. I did stop by a cool store called Buyback$ Entertainment, before I hit Best Buy; this store sells used CD’s galore. There was not one Queen CD at Buyback$ though…

Queen - Some Kind Of Magic - promo cover pic - 2014

QUEEN – A Kind Of Magic (1986)

Best Buy was no better, with only one Queen Greatest Hits II for sale at nearly $12 (US). My local Super Walmart has more Queen CD’s for sale than Best Buy! Unreal. I was readying to leave Best Buy and head to Super Walmart when the whiz-bang sight of Queen’s Greatest Hits I II & III caught my eye and made my Metal heart soar! There this magic CD box set was… on an end cap with other Classic Rock CD’s at Best Buy! The price was just under $19 (US) for 51 Queen songs! Stone is buying! My daughter will have a superb catalog of Queen classics on CD (with very cool liner notes) to enjoy over and over!

Don’t get me wrong, it would be a dream come true to shell out the money for every Queen CD ever released, to present to my daughter; only the prices for the recently reissued Queen CD’s are pricey and would all add up to a small fortune. I do believe my daughter will be quite psyched out of her mind, once she realizes that this Queen CD box set is hers. I know I had fun late Sunday running out for this unexpected Queen bounty! Good times. As I believe, it’s the little things in life that add up and make the human spirit thrive with joy… and Rock ‘N Roll saves the day and another young person once again; just as it has saved me throughout my entire life. Metal be thy name.

Classic Queen - Mick Rock - promo cover pic - 2014

This (beyond) wonderful hardcover book, Classic Queen – Mick Rock, I gave to my daughter last week, after she told me of her loving Queen. The  photos that the legendary Mick Rock had taken of Queen throughout the years are breathtaking to say the least. The quotes from Freddie Mercury are an enormous read, alone, in this book!

Filled with anecdotes and must read history of the iconic Queen, this is a book I was proud to give my daughter to keep as her own. I kept this book long enough in my collection and it was now time to pass it on to someone who will enjoy it (even more) as I have. My daughter’s reaction to receiving this book was: omg, thank you, dad! The smile on her face told the whole story, of how much Freddie Mercury and Queen means to her.

Hearing those words, seeing that smile, were better than hitting the lottery, to me. Priceless.


* Queen Greatest Hits I II & III was released via Hollywood Records.

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JS ShepBush 2013 84 - publicity pic

Photo credit:  Christie Goodwin



14TH Album – Unstoppable Momentum – Out Now


(Los Angeles, CA)  Joe Satriani has just confirmed the dynamic ground breaking hard rock outfit LIVING COLOUR to the bill supporting the West Coast leg of his upcoming U.S. tour.  Living Colour will join the world-renowned guitarist when he hits Seattle, WA on October 22nd and will continue through Salem and Paso Robles before winding up on October 26th in SATRIANI’s home base, in the Bay Area, with a show at the Fox Theater in Oakland.

The U.S. tour launches on August 29th in San Diego with Steve Morse as support on the first leg.  Joining  Satriani on the road are veteran band mate Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa, Steve Vai) on keyboards, along with an entirely new rhythm-section, featuring bassist Bryan Beller (Dethklok, Dweezil Zappa) and drummer Marco Minnemann (Adrian Belew, Steve Wilson).

SATRIANI has just concluded his hugely successful two-month European tour, the critical praise is overwhelming.  Hitting seventeen countries in all, the tour has played to sold-out venues throughout the continent.  It was also recently announced that Satriani will be honored to perform the National Anthem at this year’s Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

The multi-platinum guitarist is set to serenade the grid this year as he performs the Star-Spangled Banner at the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix on Sunday, July 21st. Satriani will perform from the track just prior to the three-day event’s premier contest, the MotoGP™ World Championship race.

Joe Satriani - Unstoppable Momentum - promo cover pic!

Joe Satriani’s Unstoppable Momentum Tour Itinerary:

* Featuring Steve Morse Band As Support Thru Portland, ME

** Featuring Living Colour As Support On West Coast

Go to for individual markets on-sale and ticket information.

August 29 @ Balboa Theatre – San Diego, CA *

August 30@ Pearl Concert Theater @ Palms Casino Resort – Las Vegas, NV*

August 31 @ Orpheum Theatre – Los Angeles, CA *

September 1 @ Talking Stick Resort Ballroom – Scottsdale, AZ *

September 2 @ Kiva Auditorium – Albuquerque, NM *

September 4 @ Historic Paramount Theatre – Denver, CO *

September 5 @ Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center – Midland, TX *

September 6 @ Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie – Grand Prairie, TX *

September 7 @ House of Blues – Houston, TX *

September 8 @ Austin City Limits – Moody Theatre – Austin, TX *

September 10 @ House of Blues – New Orleans, LA *

September 11 @ Ruth Eckerd Hall – Clearwater, FL *

September 12 @ Parker Playhouse – Ft. Lauderdale, FL *

September 13 @ Hard Rock Live – Orlando, FL *

September 14 @ Saenger Theatre – Pensacola, FL *

September 15 @ Symphony Hall – Atlanta, GA *

September 17 @ War Memorial Auditorium – Nashville, TN *

September 18 @ Chicago Theatre – Chicago, IL *

September 19 @ Lakewood Civic Auditorium – Lakewood, OH *

September 20 @ Taft Theatre – Cincinnati, OH *

September 21 @ Wings Stadium – Kalamazoo, MI *

September 22 @ Macomb Music Theatre – Mt. Clemens, MI

September 24 @ Carolina Theatre – Durham, NC *

September 25 @ Warner Theatre – Washington, DC *

September 26 @ Beacon Theatre – New York, NY *

September 27 @ Orpheum Theatre – Boston, MA*

September 28 @ Tower Theatre – Upper Darby, PA *

September 29 @ Carnegie Music Hall of Homestead – Munhall, PA *

October 1 @ Center for the Arts – Buffalo, NY *

October 2 @ Palace Theatre – Albany, NY *

October 3 @ State Theatre – Portland, ME *

October 4 @ Casino New Brunswick – New Brunswick, NB

October 5 @ Rebecca Cohn Auditorium – Halifax, NS

October 7 @ Le Capitole De Quebec – Quebec City, QC

October 8 @ National Arts Centre Southam Hall – Ottawa, ON

October 9 @ St. Denis Theatre – Montreal, QC

October 10 @ Centre in the Square – Kitchener, ON

October 11 @ Massey Hall – Toronto, ON

October 14 @ Burton Cummings Theatre – Winnipeg, MB

October 15 @ TCU Place – Saskatoon, SK

October 16 @ Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium – Edmonton, AB

October 17 @ Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium – Calgary, AB

October 19 @ Vogue Theatre – Vancouver, BC

October 21 @ The Fox Theater – Spokane, WA

October 22 @ Paramount Theatre – Seattle, WA

October 23 @ Historic Elsinore Theatre – Salem, OR

October 25 @ Vina Robles Amphitheatre – Paso Robles, CA

October 26 @ Fox Theater – Oakland, CA

Joe Satriani - publicity pic - #3 - epic - 2013

(Source: MAD Ink, PR)

For more info on JOE SATRIANI, click on the links below!

facebook: Joe Satriani

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Santana & Journey Legend Gregg Rolie To Play ‘Sandstock’ Virginia Beach Music Festival

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Gregg Rolie - jeffcamphoto_20_207-8055_MR

The Gregg Rolie Band Performs Live:

When: June 22, 2013

Where: Sandstock – Virginia Beach Music Festival – 17th Street Park, Virginia Beach, VA


Houston, TX – Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Gregg Rolie, best known for his vocals and keyboard work with legendary music groups Santana and Journey, will be performing at ‘Sandstock’ Virginia Beach Music Festival on June 22, 2013. The Gregg Rolie Band will be playing electrifying versions of several Santana classics such as “Evil Ways”, “Black Magic Woman”, “Soul Sacrifice”, “Jingo” and “No One To Depend On” as well as tracks from Rolie’s previous studio effort ‘Roots’, along with new songs. The Gregg Rolie Band consists of Adrian Areas (son of original Santana percussionist Jose Chepito Areas) on Timbales, drummer Ron Wikso (The Storm/David Lee Roth/Richie Sambora), Elliot “Toby” Borrero on congas, Rocket Ritchotte on guitars, internationally acclaimed bassist Gary Brown and former Jean Luc Ponty keyboardist Wally Minko.

From his work with Santana and Journey, Gregg Rolie is no stranger to great musicianship. Given his experience and his desire to make the music the best it can be, he has chosen some of the best musicians in the world to bring his band and its music to life. Gregg was determined to resurrect the sound he helped shape and make famous as Santana’s original lead singer and keyboard player, while at the same time bringing it forward to the 21st century. To do that required finding just the right mix of experience, musicianship and chemistry. Having worked with some of the biggest names in music over the years and having toured the world many times over, these musicians have the skills to interpret this music in the way it is meant to be interpreted, as Gregg so intimately knows.


Says Gregg: “The band is great because we all really enjoy each other, and I think the sound reflects the fun we are having.” The Gregg Rolie Band will also be performing this summer at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk on June 28th and the Bluesfest International Canada on July 13th.

In other news, after a successful tour with Ringo Starr’s All Star Band in the Pacific Rim, which included dates in Australia, New Zealand and Japan, Gregg Rolie will be touring with Ringo and the band again this fall! Gregg, along with Steve Lukather, Todd Rundgren, Richard Page, Mark Rivera, Gregg Bissonette and of course, Ringo Starr, will head to Latin America for 14 shows, with two dates in the US, at The Palms in Las Vegas just before Thanksgiving.

Listen to and watch Santana and the Gregg Rolie Band (Live) below!

Visit Gregg’s website for updated tour information:

Finally, check out the new CD by Gregg Rolie & Alan Haynes titled ‘Live At The Iridium’, which is exclusively available and can be purchased at Gregg Rolie’s website:

Taken from one of Gregg and Alan’s duo performances at the esteemed Iridium Club in New York City, this Live CD captures the essence of the duo in action, in an intimate setting. Gregg brings stories of the glory days of Santana, the early days of Journey, and great new arrangements of classics like “Look Into The Future”, “Evil Ways”, “Anytime” and “Black Magic Woman”. Also included, brilliant new material from his recent solo project, including the touching “If I Went Home”, a song 30 years in the making about his falling out with the band Journey. Armed with a Steinway grand, and Texas Strat-slinger Alan Haynes, Gregg Rolie transforms his stadium rockers into an exciting and personal night club show.


For Ticket Info:

For more information:


(Source: Glass Onyon PR)




GREAT WHITE “Shotgun Willie’s” – Fan Filmed Music Video From 2013 Monsters Of Rock Cruise Is Online!

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Great White - Group Promo Pic - 2013 - #5!

As reported on Great White [Band]:

GREAT WHITE took a different approach for this video Shotgun Willie’s. They let their audience helm the director’s chair. Filmed over the course of March’s 2013 Monsters of Rock Cruise, where GREAT WHITE headlined the floating Rock festival, the video encapsulates the high energy of everyone there and the five-piece band’s bond.

“We discovered after looking at the footage that not only do we look like we are having a blast,” guitarist Michael Lardie said. “But that our fans connected to our music in ways that we can’t always see from the stage under the lights. Some of the video is very much a party atmosphere, but this is also a video scrapbook of people who have never stopped loving our music and continue to be a part of the GREAT WHITE family.”

GREAT WHITE gives special thanks to all the fans that participated and contributed.

Shotgun Willie’s is the fourth single off of Elation (Frontiers Records).

GREAT WHITE - Elation promo cover


Terry Illous – vocals

Mark Kendall – guitar

Michael Lardie – keyboards & guitar

Scott Snyder – bass

Audie Desbrow – drums

Great White - large classic logo

(SourceGreat White [Band])

For more info on GREAT WHITE, click on the links below! Whoa!


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DEF LEPPARD’S PHIL COLLEN – Brings Charity Auction To A Rousing Close: COLLEN’S “WINGS” GUITAR RAISES $20,000

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Photo Credit: Helen L. Collen



Guitar Played Exclusively Throughout Def Leppard “Rock of Ages” Tour This Summer


(Los Angeles, CA) –In early September, PHIL COLLEN, lead guitarist for the iconic rock band DEF LEPPARD, announced plans for the charitable auction of “Wings” a custom Jackson PC1 guitar that COLLEN had played throughout this summer’s Rock of Ages tour. The auction began exclusively through eBay’s “Giving Works” on September 5th and ended on the morning of September 15th.

Reaching beyond all expectations, the highest bidder paid an amazing $15,000 for the one-of-a-kind guitar.  The lucky winner is New Zealand businessman Murray Bolton. COLLEN personally handed “Wings” over to Bolton a few weeks ago when Murray visited COLLEN’s home.

In an extraordinary act of charity Phil included $5000 of his own to the auction’s total in order to deliver a $20,000 check this past Thursday, November 15th, when he performed live at the San Diego based Gerson Institute.

“I am very excited to present this check to the people at the Gerson Institute”, said Collen. “Meeting Murray and handing over “Wings” was bitter-sweet. I really grew to love that guitar but am so happy that it’s going to a great home and the money will help so many more people.”

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, a more than appropriate time for COLLEN himself to introduce the auction’s winner and present the check to the Gerson Institute, a San Diego based non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the Gerson Therapy, an alternative treatment for cancer and other degenerative diseases.

In early 2012 Jake Willoughby, a guitar and music store owner, asked COLLEN if he would assist in helping to raise money towards the fight against cancer with Jake’s mother Connie having just passed away from pancreatic cancer after a courageous 13-month fight. By tragic coincidence Phil’s own father, Kenneth succumbed to the same disease in 2004. Jake donated a PHIL COLLEN signature guitar, the Jackson PC1 from his music store. In the spirit of hope it was named “Wings”. Mike Learn, a noted artist whose graphics are well-known in the guitar world, donated the graphic custom paint job on the guitar. Ironically, Mike also lost two family members to the same disease.


About The Gerson Institute:

The Gerson Institute is a non-profit organization in San Diego, California dedicated to providing education and training in the Gerson Therapy, an alternative, non-toxic treatment for cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases.

For more information on the auction and images of “Wings”, visit:


(Source: MAD Ink, PR)





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