8672572One listen to Airbourne “Runnin’ Wild” and you will hear influences of AC/DC, Krokus, Helix and Accept. There is absolutely nothing wrong, in my opinion, with wanting to emulate these legendary Metal acts. I really enjoy listening to “Runnin’ Wild” due to the fact it is a good time, party and feel good Rock & Metal album. Rock & Roll was never supposed to be so serious anyway, Airbourne has taken the lead from Heavy Metal of yesteryear and decided to deliver a pumped up, get psyched, have fun with attitude album. There really is not one song here that you will fast forward through. You can hear the abundance of self confidence that Airbourne bestows musically, good for them. The album musically is simple, yet great Metal music can be achieved with just a few chords, this has been proven again here. After your first listen, you will swear Airbourne must have other albums, yet they will for certain in the future. This is just one of many bright points for the Metal world to look upon and say Heavy Metal is moving forward with some great young bands. Joel O’ Keeffe on vocals and lead guitar is the leader, he sings and plays with seasoned confidence. Ryan O’ Keeffe is on drums, David Roads is on guitar & backing vocals and Justin Street plays a mean bass along with backing vocals. The liner notes are justice with full lyrics, credits, and individual band member photos. If you want an escape from your stress and everyday worries, buy “Runnin’ Wild” and have Airbourne to get you stoked and care free at your convenience!

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