87306892008 has been an awesome year for Heavy Metal reunions, releases, tours and music. Cavalera Conspiracy “Infliketd” is a reunion of Max and Iggor Cavalera, together again since the days of Sepultura, (a Thrash/Death band they founded together). This release is hardened, aggressive, filled with the built up fires of pain, war and death. “Inflikted” is one gigantic monster of a Metal album. It is Thrash meets Death Metal with extreme attitude blasting straight from Max Cavalera’s vocals and Iggor Cavalera’s blast beats. After one listen, I wish Cavalera Conspiracy would release a new album every year! With other “full time” bands these musicians star in, Cavalera Conspiracy is a juggernaut of a project Metal band. I found every song on this album to be equally strong, forceful and plainly put, great. Cavalera Conspiracy definitely gets my vote for having one of the best Metal albums of 2008, this should make a top ten list of Metal albums for the whole decade!

Max Cavalera on vocals is astounding, his voice is like a Metal tidal wave that hits you from the get go, never letting up, never backing down. Rex Brown from Pantera & Down fame, appears on guest bass. Joe Duplantier from Gojira is on bass, two magnificent bass players on this album! The always ready and steady Marc Rizzo plays lead and rhythm guitar. Cavalera Conspiracy is obviously an all star lineup, yet you will not find a thread of ego or pompousness here. What you will find when you listen to “Inflikted” is what real Metal is supposed to sound like when you fuse the two greatest genres of Thrash and Death Metal together and layer it with old school Metal genius.

The liner notes come with 12 pages of complete lyrics, a few band photos and lots of credits.


  1. I completely agree with thou, Max was one hell of a vocalist, he was a real BRAZILIAN CRUSADER…………
    \m/ 😉 \m/

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