9179729Cannibal Corpse is going to give you very aggressive, heavy, crunching, Death Metal. That is what “Evisceration Plague” is, every second of it is pure and original Death Metal. From the pummeling drums and blistering guitars, the punishing bass and growling, screaming and scary vocals, this is Death Metal at it’s most extreme and finest. Each song carries it’s intensity and extreme sound and lyrics, non stop, not a nano second found here to catch your breath. If you are looking for the heaviest of all Metal genres, you have found it here, “Evisceration Plague” is really, really, heavy stuff. I highly recommend “Evisceration Plague” to all Metal fans, especially Death Metal fans. This genre has been elevated and given a fabulous boost, in my opinion, from this new release by Cannibal Corpse.


  1. […] Now, this is my cup o’ Metal tea. Cannibal Corpse. Heavy duty – Death Metal. This album does not find Cannibal Corpse straying off the extreme path of deathly, brutal Metal they are so famous for. Nope. Cannibal Corpse made sure that their fans brains get the maximum shock and awe that we so crave from this legendary Death Metal band. A sheer Death Metal delight all the way through. Metal Odyssey hereby dedicates this album to the PMRC. For a more defined review I wrote on Evisceration Plague, click here: CANNIBAL CORPSE – EVISCERATION PLAGUE […]

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