8924854Extreme “Saudades de Rock” is one fine Rock album. “Saudades de Rock” is pronounced “sow-dodge”. The melodic Hard Rock, with the catchy chorus, led by Gary Cherone’s awesome vocals and Nuno Bettencourt’s brilliance on lead guitar makes for the complete listening package. “Star” and “Comfortably Dumb” are Hard Rock tunes that solidify my saying that Extreme is without a doubt back! “Interface” is a ballad that I find very enjoyable both musically and lyrically. Extreme “Saudades de Rock” should be embraced by all Hair Metal, 80’s Metal and Hard Rock fans alike. I highly recommend this album to all.

The liner notes are fantastic, they are a 12 page fold out, which includes complete lyrics, a very large band photo of Extreme, credits and thank yous. Extreme are: Gary Cherone on lead vocals, Nuno Bettencourt on guitars, piano and vocals, Pat Badger on bass & vocals and Kevin Figueiredo on drums.

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