89332651Slipknot is back. Metal is now spelled Slipknot. The single most important thing any Metal fan can do for them self during their life is to purchase “All Hope Is Gone”. Corey Taylor is a jaw dropping vocalist, able to change his vocals consistently from mellow to monster throughout. In my opinion, Corey Taylor is the greatest living vocalist in all of the Rock genres, put together. What Slipknot has done here is given the Metal community one of the greatest Metal albums ever made. I am so ecstatic over the entire 12 songs, this is now my favorite Metal album of all time. Musically, you are getting Thrash, a dab of Death Metal and some of the most incredible arrangements and layers of Metal genius that will leave you in total awe. “Snuff” is the easy going tune to chill out to here, it is fitting to have it be track number 11, by this time it makes for a nice break in the Thrash attack. “Psychosocial” is the most prolific and by far the most powerful Metal song I have heard in years. If you are into any type of heavy music, please do not hesitate to buy this powerful piece of work. I personally thank all of the Slipknot nine, I have this Metal treasure now to enjoy forever.

3 Responses to “SLIPKNOT – ALL HOPE IS GONE”

  1. I haven’t heard many songs from this album, but everything I’ve heard I like. Snuff is probably my favourite Slipknot song. I’m not mad on them, but I do like them.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Honestly, I’d recommend you buying this “All Hope Is Gone” CD. It is that unreal great. I without hesitation, consider it to be a top ten album of my entire Metal life. I have gone on record as giving “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” by Black Sabbath the title of “Greatest Heavy Metal Album” ever… yet this Slipknot album is my all-time favorite.

      Of course it’s always “personal” when it comes to music… so my heralding “All Hope Is Gone” like I do may not mean much to many others. Still, for the sake of $10 or $12, this is as good an investment into Heavy Music as you can get! 😉


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