8642089GammaRay “Land Of The Free ll” is a superb Power Metal album that should be easily embraced by all fans of this genre, (Helloween, Blind Guardian, Edguy, Firewind). Kai Hansen, (former – original lead vocalist and guitarist for Helloween) is very good on vocals & guitar on this release. Kai Hansen is a true founding father of Power Metal, he never disappoints on any GammaRay album. “To Mother Earth” is a cool and yet powerful song, a reflection on the environmental plight of our planet. The chorus on this song is standout. “Rain” is a great song, with intriguing lyrics and a heavy upside throughout. The musicianship you hear with GammaRay is top shelf in the Power Metal genre, any fan of Metal should recognize the accomplishment and skill at which these guys play. Every song here is rich with prolific and momentous chorus, melody and speed. Definitely buy GammaRay “Land Of The Free ll” and give your ears the Power Metal food they deserve!

Gamma Ray is: Kai Hansen on guitars & lead vocals, Henjo Richter on guitars & backing vocals, Dirk Schlachter on bass & backing vocals and Dan Zimmermann on drums & backing vocals. The liner notes are stupendous, with 16 full color pages of extended artwork, individual and group photos, complete lyrics, credits and thank yous.


  1. I really like this album. The bit that sounds like Rhime Of The Ancient Mariner is distracting, but otherwise its pure perfection from start to finish.

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