8505717The Cult “Born Into This” is one dandy of a Hard Rock performance. I have never labeled The Cult as Heavy Metal, yet they always bestow shades of Metal musically when they kick in. The Cult have not strayed away from their sound they have made work so brilliantly over the years. Ian Astbury definitely has a unique and entertaining voice, his vocals set him apart from other Rock singers. The music here does not sound manufactured, what you will hear with “Born Into This” is an extremely talented and respected band that rocks every song with arena style energy and enthusiasm. “Holy Mountain” is the slow down moment, it is a ballad that does not get sappy whatsoever. This is actually a cool ballad based on how Ian Astbury delivers it. “Dirty Little Rockstar” is considered the hit single here, it is fast paced and does give one of many great moments that this album offers. “Born Into This” is the song opener that will get you moving, the rhythm section defines a groovy, funky spirit of sound if you will. The Cult is Ian Astbury on vocals, Billy Duffy on guitar, Chris Wyse on bass and John Tempesta on drums. There are no lyrics in the liner notes. Overall this is a decent Hard Rock release for 2008, I find it memorable and will be reaching for it quite often.

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