8874872Do yourself a Hard Rock favor and buy “Hole In The Sun” by Night Ranger. You are in for a Hard Rock treat with “Tell Your Vision” and “Drama Queen”, both are heavy and steady with a current sound. “There Is Life” is an up-tempo and positive ballad that will certainly pick you up when the chips are down! “Hole In The Sun” has that vintage Night Ranger hard edge quality. “Revelation 4AM” is a melodic rocker that shows off the Pop Metal accessibility of Night Ranger. “Wrap It Up” and “Being” are two retrospective Hard Rock songs that epitomize why Jeff Watson is one valuable player in the Night Ranger franchise. The two bonus tracks “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” and “Sister Christian” are both acoustic versions. Due to the uniqueness of these acoustic versions, I honestly like these songs as much as the electric versions. When an original song becomes acoustic, a whole new musical flavor and mood sets in, giving the song an entirely new landscape of sound. This was a terrific way to celebrate these two Night Ranger classics. With original members Brad Gillis, Jeff Watson, Jack Blades and Kelly Keagy, this album sounds like a cohesive and talented musical bond only became stronger among them. New comer Michael Lardie on keyboards is obviously a welcomed talent to Night Ranger. Night Ranger shares lead vocal duties, song writing and lyrical contributions on this album, you cannot find a hint of any personal egos here. The liner notes are just what you want, plenty of band photos, full lyrics and credits, 14 pages in all. “Hole In The Sun” should serve as a template for other Rock bands to follow in creating a diversified and creatively sound Rock album.

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