Alice Cooper has reminded us all he is the living legend of Horror Metal. Alice Cooper has never had to reinvent himself, instead we receive the Metal goodies from the Horror Metal Master himself every few years and accept the musical offerings with glee. “Along Came A Spider” is the equivalent of reading a horror novel, watching a twisted horror film or just watching the nightly news period. Here, however, listening to “Along Came A Spider” is light years more entertaining. The story line is simple, we follow a serial killer’s journey, from stalking his victims with “Prologue/I Know Where You Live”, to falling in love with a potential victim with “Killed By Love”, all the way to deep regret & sorrow for all of his evil actions with “Salvation”. Alice Cooper’s vocals are creepy throughout, as you follow the story line you feel like the actual character is really singing.

Musically, this album is pure Metal, with a supporting cast of the very finest: Greg Hampton, Danny Saber and Keri Kelli on guitar, with Slash and his guitar appearing on “Vengeance Is Mine”, Eric Singer on drums and Greg Hampton, Chuck Garric and Danny Saber on bass. The liner notes are done extremely well, with complete lyrics and theatrical photo’s depicting each song. This really is a total Metal package! Overall this release is eerie, macabre, haunting, and unabashed, in the end sprinkle a bit of remorsefulness from our lead character and you have what is a definitive Horror Metal work of art, that will be appreciated by Alice Cooper fans and Metal fans for generations to come.



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