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Bullet - band promo pic - 2014 - #99703

On September 5th (Sweden: 03.09., UK: 08.09., US: 09.09.) the new BULLET album called Storm Of Blades will hit the stores. It is their fifth longplayer and the first featuring the band’s new guitar player Alexander Lyrbo, who replaced Erik Almström in 2012.

“This is a fast and heavy back to the roots album,” the band comments. A lot of the feeling, BULLET had in the beginning, is there but with an up-to-date sound and craftsmanship.

“Now with the young blood Alex on the guitar, always thirsty for Metal, the songs ended up just like that: Heavier, faster and more raw than on previous albums. We can now at last truthfully say; this is our best album this far and most likely the rawest since the Heavy Metal Highway recording in 2002”

The album title Storm Of Blades came up during a soundcheck before a show last year. “We wanted to make the toughest Bulletsong ever and this riff popped up. The first impression was the image of knifes falling from the sky and the title »Storm Of Blades« was born. To make this song the title track of our new album became a must as it is a tale about destruction, apocalypse and horror!”

Storm Of Blades was recorded during December/January 2014 and April/May 2014 at the Pama Studio in Torsås, Sweden. Produced by BULLET and Magnus “Mankan” Sedenberg.

Right after some summer festivals and the album release, BULLET will be on the road again, along with two well-chosen support bands. “Stallion and Striker will be our fellow hell raisers on the first leg, and this tour should not let a fan of Heavy Metal music down. We will raise hell, we will drink beer, we will bang our heads together and kill grunge… again! Prepare for the storm of blades!”

Tour of Blades over Europe 2014


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18.09.14 D Osnabrück Bastard Club
19.09.14 D Wiesau Storm Crusher Festival
20.09.14 D München Backstage
22.09.14 CH Zürich Komplex Club
23.09.14 F Luynes / Aix Le Korigan
24.09.14 ES Barcelona Razzmatazz 3
25.09.14 ES Madrid Sala Caracol
26.09.14 ES Zaragoza Centro Civico Dalicias
29.09.14 F Paris Glazert
30.09.14 BE Antwerpen Kavka
01.10.14 NL Tilburg Little Devil
02.10.14 D Stuttgart Cann
03.10.14 D Siegburg Kubana
04.10.14 D Bochum Matrix
05.10.14 D Frankfurt Nachtleben
06.10.14 CZ Prag Storm Club
07.10.14 AT Wien Escape
09.10.14 D Berlin K17
10.10.14 D Hamburg Markhalle
11.10.14 D Dittigheim Sporthalle
12.10.14 D Lindau Vaudeville


(Source: Nuclear Blast)

* For more info on BULLET:

Facebook: BULLET


Nuclear Blast Europe - logo - 2013



Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small




KROKUS – Long Stick Goes Boom Tour 2014 / Germany; Special Guest Is CRYSTAL BALL

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Krokus - Crystal Ball - Long Stick Goes Boom - German Tour Flyer Promo - 2014

As reported on KROKUSonline Facebook page:

Just confirmed: Crystal Ball will be our “special guest” on the upcoming “Long Stick Goes Boom” German Tour!

Dates & Info:

17.05.2014 DE Lindau – Club Vaudeville –

18.05.2014 DE Nürnberg – Hirsch –

20.05.2014 DE Bremen – Aladin –

21.05.2014 DE Aschaffenburg – Colos-Saal –

22.05.2014 DE München – Backstage Werk –

24.05.2014 DE Burgrieden – Riffelhof –

25.05.2014 DE Bochum – Zeche –


* For more info on KROKUS:

Facebook: KROKUSonline


Crystal Ball - Dawnbreaker - promo cover pic - 2013

* For more info on CRYSTAL BALL:

Facebook: Crystal Ball


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Scorpion Child tour poster - promo - 2013

SCORPION CHILD will embark on their headlining tour of North America this September! With impressive guests: KADAVAR, GYPSYHAWK, WILSON and MOTHERSHIP, this tour is destined to kick countless Heavy Rock fans in the ass! Metal be thy name.


09/14/2013: Snowboard On The Block – Denver, CO

09/16/2013: Cobra Lounge – Chicago, IL

09/17/2013: Skyway Theater – Minneapolis, MN

09/20/2013: The Astoria – Vancouver, B.C.

09/21/2013: Neumos – Seattle, WA

09/23/2013: Slim’s – San Francisco, CA

09/24/2013: Roxy Theatre – West Hollywood, CA

09/25/2013: Rocky Point Cantina – Tempe, AZ

09/27/2013: Red 7 – Austin, TX

09/28/2013: Tom Cats – Dallas, TX

09/29/2013: Fitzgerald’s – Houston, TX

10/01/2013: The Firebird – St. Louis, MO

10/02/2013: Peabody’s – Cleveland, OH

10/03/2013: Hard Luck Bar – Toronto, ON

10/04/2013: II Motore – Montreal, QC

10/05/2013: Saint Vitus – Brooklyn, NY


Scorpion Child - Logo Block - B&W

Aryn Jonathan Black – Vocals

Shaun Diettrick Avants – Bass

Christopher Jay Cowart – Lead Guitar

Shawn Paul Alvear – Percussion

Tom “The Mole” Frank – Rhythm Guitar

Scorpion Child - debut album - promo cover pic

SCORPION CHILD’S self-titled album was released on June 21st (EU), 24th (UK) and 25th (NA) via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Yes, this SCORPION CHILD album will hit you off the head like a runaway, Heavy Rockin’ boomerang. Go buy it now, if y’all already haven’t. ‘Nuff said.


* For More Info On SCORPION CHILD:

Nuclear Blast USA - Logo - promo


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LEGION OF THE DAMNED – To Play At Metal Open Air in São Luís Brazil

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LEGION OF THE DAMNED are thrilled to announce that the band is, for the very first time, playing outside the territory of Europe! They will play at the Metal Open Air in São Luís (Brazil), which will take place from April 20th until April 22nd, 2012! Furthermore the band launched a new YouTube channel where you can watch exclusive video material from the studio and more. Check it out:

On February 10th, LEGION OF THE DAMNED will re-release their classic album “Malevolent Rapture” in memory of their ex-bass player Twan Fleuren, who passed away. This re-release will have a brand new “In Memory Of“ artwork, 5 extra songs incl. a remix of “Malevolent Creation”, a bonus DVD and 32 page booklet including photos never seen before!

(Source: Massacre Records)

* For more info on LEGION OF THE DAMNED, click on the links below:



REBELLION – Returns! Metal Champions Working On New Material!

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REBELLION – In 2008 Uwe Lulis had a motorcycle accident and was injured so badly that the band had to take a break of a year. In 2009 Uwe still suffered from the accident and thus there were very few shows which were played with Uwe sitting on stage. At the end of  2010 Uwe Lulis consequently left Rebellion. Gerd Lücking (drums) and Simone Wenzel (guitar) decided thereupon likewise in order to concentrate on other musical projects.
It seemed as if the band had come to an end but encouraged by numerous fan comments Tomi Göttlich (bass) and Michael Seifert (vocals) decided in the beginning of 2011 to let Rebellion live on. 

Oliver Geibig (guitar), Stephan Karut (guitar) and Matthias Karle (drums) filled the gaps. The new Rebellion are a band of friends who have known and jammed with each other for many years and who are very determined to lead the band onwards. In October 2011 Rebellion played their first show with the new members. The Band was frenetically celebrated by their fans, many of whom had travelled long distances (Ireland, France, Netherlands) to witness the first show of the new line up.

At present the band works under high pressure on new material.

(Source: Massacre Records)

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13 – Metal You Must Hear, A Heavy Hittin’ Band You Must Know About!

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Back in 2011, the Metal & New American Rock band known as 13 pulled up their Mid-West Rockin’ roots in Toledo, Ohio and Detroit, Michigan… and headed out to L.A. where they are continuing on their contagious brand of Heavy Music noize! Strap yourself in and be prepared to see and read more about 13 in the coming months, right here on Metal Odyssey!

13 – Are they Metal? Is this band 13 original? Are they pissed off at the status quo? Do they instill the fire and talent necessary to cause a stir within the world of Heavy Music? Are their songs worthy of playing at maximum volume? Have they recruited throngs of fans, from biker rallies to festivals and world-famous clubs? Has this band shared the stage with many of Rock and Heavy Metal’s greatest names? The Metal answer is YES to all of the previous questions regarding 13.

13 is their name and playing ear stompin’, beer swillin’, knuckle crunchin’, American-made, blue-collar Metal is their game. 13 is ready to seize 2012 and call it their own, currently working on new songs, playing live at L.A.’s the Whiskey A Go Go with Ana Kefr, along with photo and video shoots on their current and busy schedule.

13 is a Heavy Music band on the rise and my best advice to you is this: either join ’em or get out of their way… cause 13 is on a Metal mission to create and play some credible, kick-ass and Heavy Hittin’ Rock ‘N Roll \m/

Yes, I really, really dig the Heavy Crunch of sound that 13 delivers. I’ve chosen two of my favorite songs from this raucous band for your listening enjoyment. Check out these two songs from 13 below! Play ’em LOUD and spread the Metal word: 13 is a Metal Band you must hear and know about!



13 have shared the stage with: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kid Rock, Alice In Chains, Mother Love Bone, Kansas, Cheap Trick, Foghat, Yngwie Malmsteen, ACCEPT, Lynch Mob, Monster Magnet, Nuclear Assault, Murder Dolls, Vince Neil, Blue Oyster Cult, Pennywise and GWAR… to name a many few!


BOBBY K – drums & vocals

ZAK – vocals

SNARL – guitar & vocals

SIN – bass & vocals

* For more info on 13, click on the link below:



Hellfueled – Revisiting “Midnight Lady” EP From 2004!

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HELLFUELED – In Metal Odyssey’s quest, this Halloween Season, to deliver reviews on Metal, Hard Rock and Punk Bands that bestow horror-theme tendencies of sound, style and persona, here is the very first installment for this gloriously wicked and frightful October of 2010… Hellfueled. This is one very cool Metal Band from Husqvarna, Sweden, not because I said so, it’s due to the clear fact they can write and play songs that are memorable. Anytime a band’s particular song or sound sticks in my Metal brain, it tells me that band is damn good. Midnight Lady is one hell of a memorable song from one hell of a memorable band that is Hellfueled.

Could it be a personal “gravitation” or “taste” in music happening here with Hellfueled? Probably. The only truth is, I would not go out of my way so often as I do, to just recommend pigeon crap on a platter. I try my hardest, to recommend the “coolest” bands and the creme’ de’ la creme’ of Metal, to my fellow Metalheads of the Metal Odyssey Battalion. Metal be thy name.

The song Midnight Lady opens up with a riff that was born to grab my attention and this song never let’s up on it’s ’80’s Heavy Metal outer-glow. Midnight Lady just lifts off from the onset and never seems to land to the ground, which is what good Heavy Metal is supposed to do in the first place. Despite the resonance of some Old School Heavy Metal from days long past, Hellfueled delivered a very relevant song in 2004 with Midnight Lady and it still is relevant in 2010, when compared to what’s being released at the moment.

Some may concur that Hellfueled isn’t playing anything that hasn’t been heard before. I counter by stating Hellfueled plays an European style of Traditional Heavy Metal and does so with a defiant level of confidence and talent. Just the three songs heard on this Midnight Lady EP, demonstrates the fire and hunger of a band, that trusts their style of sound and the path of heaviness they have chosen.

Reflecting for just a moment, to a band that just might be an influence to Hellfueled… Black SabbathAndy Alkman, the lead vocalist for Hellfueled, sounds remarkably close to that of the everlasting and legendary… OZZY. Vocals are supposed to be a unique characteristic, yet sometimes close similarities can occur between different singers, that is reality. I could not be more honest, in stating that Andy’s vocals are tailor-made for this style and sound of Heavy Metal. His vocals come across as natural and unforced, with any resemblance to Ozzy Osbourne being unintentional. If Andy’s intent was to vocally sound like Ozzy, well, then he obviously nailed it. Believe me, this is not the first place where Andy’s vocals have been compared to Ozzy.

The two previously unreleased demo songs, (Endless Work and Big Fat Eight), are very muscular in the Traditional Heavy Metal style, while not sounding as completely polished as Midnight Lady. Nonetheless, both of these demo songs can stand alone and take a pass on any further tweaking on the production side… the rawness brings out a more lean and mean aura to the vocals and overall sound of the band.

The music video for Midnight Lady that comes as a bonus to this EP is fun to watch. A teenage/college age couple are taking a late night cruise when all of a sudden, they drive by the Hellfueled band hitchhiking on the side of a dark and desolate country road. The girl in the car looks at the band as they drive by them and makes a goofy facial gesture at them. Game on.

Watch for yourself, as this couple finds out the hard way not to mess around with Hellfueled! Just click on the video box below!

Hellfueled takes the Traditional Heavy Metal style and plays it in a manner where I feel surrounded by their sound. Very strong, loud and enveloping are Hellfueled as they play on these songs, vocals included, with a guitar driven force. For new fans, this Midnight Lady EP makes for a solid introduction to Hellfueled.

I’ve seen the mp3 and CD/EP of Midnight Lady for sale on It is worth picking up the entire CD/EP, as you are getting not only the two previously unreleased demo’s, your also getting the music video for Midnight Lady as well. This Midnight Lady EP is a terrific Metal listen and music video from Hellfueled that shouldn’t fly under your Metal radar. Plus… if you ever see Hellfueled hitching for a ride, don’t be foolish by not helping them out.

* For more info on Hellfueled, just click on the links below:

Hellfueled – Official Website

Hellfueled – myspace music

* Current Hellfueled lineup:

Andy Alkman – vocals

Jocke Lundgren – guitar

Henke Lonn – bass

Kent Svensson – drums

* Midnight Lady EP was released in Sweden in December of 2004, on Black Lodge.

* Midnight Lady EP had a worldwide release date in April of 2005, on Black Lodge.

Track Listing For Midnight Lady EP:

Midnight Lady – (Taken from the album Volume One)

Endless Work – (Previously unreleased demo)

Big Fat Eight – (Previously unreleased demo)

* Endless Work and Big Fat Eight are also listed as “Japanese Bonus Tracks” from Hellfueled’s debut album from 2004 – Volume One. (This info is listed on Hellfueled’s official website under “discography”.

* Produced by Fredrik Nordström and Patrik J. Sten

* The legendary producer/musician Fredrik Nordström founded Dream Evil, recruiting the incredible… Gus G. to join on with his band. The rest is Heavy Metal history…

* Extra Bonus Material:

Midnight Lady (Video) – (Directed by Charlie Granberg)



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