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HIGH ON FIRE – ‘De Vermis Mysteriis’ – Releases On April 3rd, 2012

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HIGH ON FIRE – Album title translation: “The Mysteries of the Worm”. Well, it isn’t a mystery to me that High On Fire is one hell of a Metal band. De Vermis Mysteriis is one album in 2012 that I’m looking forward to hearing, you can bet your last Metal dollar on that one. Apparently, this is a pretty deep concept album which involves time travel. You can read more about this album’s intriguing concept by visiting the High On Fire website:

High On Fire are steadily cementing themselves within the legendary Metal halls of Metal history, in my Metal opinion. Matt Pike. ‘Nuff said. De Vermis Mysteriis will be released on April 3rd, 2012, via eOne Music.



Matt Pike – Guitars, Vocals

Des Kensel – Drums

Jeff Matz – Bass


De Vermis Mysteriis – Track Listing:

Bloody Knuckle

King of Days

Serums of Liao

Spiritual Rites

Romulus and Remus

De Vermis Mysteriis

Madness of an Architect

War Horn

Fertile Green


For more info on HIGH ON FIRE, click on the links below:

eOne Metal




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HIGH ON FIRE – Good health. Family. Cool Metal buddies. Sunny skies. Free stuff. Cold beer. Finding an independent record and CD store. Finding a quarter in the grocery store parking lot. Taking a relieving dump. Sure, these are all the big and some little things that can perk up the human spirit. However… it’s Metal that never fails to perk me up time and again, year after year, day after day.

Hearing that one Metal song that lifts me up is always a reminder as to why I am hooked on the greatest music in the history of mankind. What’s the greatest music in the history of mankind you query? Uh, it’s Metal. This is Metal Odyssey after all, that you are visiting. Sure, there are other Rock genres covered on Metal Odyssey… only Metal is the end all and be all. Metal be thy F’n name.

I’ll get to the Metal point here: Frost Hammer from the High On Fire album Snakes For The Divine – kicks some serious Metal ass. Frost Hammer is an instant adrenaline surge for me. Whoa… I’ve been Metal supercharged by High On Fire. A charging pissed off beast, out of the dark northern woods of no man’s land is Frost Hammer. Des Kensel on drums plays with enough fierce enthusiasm, with so many cool fills, that it’s mind numbing. Lead vocalist and guitarist Matt Pike leads the way with his nailed to the Metal riffs, leads and a solo so fast and tenaciously addicting that it smacks me senseless.

The triple Metal threat of Matt Pike, Des Kensel and Jeff Matz are as potent as any power trio I’ve ever listened to. For me to state otherwise, would be untruthful. On Frost Hammer these guys play tight, no, super tight, defining what “in-your-face” Metal is supposed to sound like. Frost Hammer is one of those great Metal songs, where I wish it would continue on for another five or ten minutes. Nonetheless, this song will always sound like an epic to me. High On Fire didn’t rewrite any sacred Metal rules with Frost Hammer… they just stayed true to ’em.

With speed and heavy coexisting so deliriously well on Frost Hammer, there is no moment to really catch your breath. This is not even a Thrash Metal song, yet it rivals the fierce and bombastic tempo of such. Just hearing Matt Pike bellow out – “Frost Hammer”! is enough to make me feel secure in my own little Metal world, which I love to get lost in continuously.

High On Fire doesn’t make Metal that’s fashionable, they make Metal that kicks ass… period.

* For more info on High On Fire, just click the link below:

HIGH ON FIRE – myspace music page

* High On Fire – Snakes For The Divine was released on February 23, 2010, on E1 Music.



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