8530538This unbelievable Thrash release from Over Kill, “Immortalis” could be considered the heaviest, most ferocious album they have done. Over Kill has always been heavy with all of their albums of course, yet this album has that sheen of creepy darkness with the lyrics, coupled with what seems to be extra power in the music from all angles. I absolutely cannot state any harder or louder what an amazing Thrash band Over Kill is. After 25 years of wearing the badge of Thrash on their sleeves, this legendary band can still produce an album that is this intense. All 10 songs are insanely hardened Thrash jewels. “Devils In The Mist”, “What It Takes” and “Skull And Bones” kick off this album with unrestrained, mammoth Thrash that lets it be known what Over Kill is all about. “Skull And Bones” has guest vocalist Randy Blythe from Lamb Of God, his vocals are a true compliment to this song. The one-two punch of having both Bobby Blitz and Randy Blythe on the same song, is a Thrash gift from Over Kill. “Hellish Pride” is a trademark Over Kill cut, Bobby Blitz hits the high note here. Musically, I never can say enough about the talent of Over Kill, Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth is always the masterful Thrash vocalist, D.D. Verni plays the best bass in Metal. The duo of Dave Linsk (lead & rhythm guitar) and Derek Tailer (rhythm guitar) are obviously formidable. Ron Lipnicki brings a great, fresh, Thrash blast attack on drums. If you are looking for the real deal in Thrash Metal, look no more, Over Kill is it. I always and forever will recommend “Immortalis” to all Metal fans worldwide!

The liner notes are 16 pages of complete lyrics, credits and thank you’s. Each band member has a full page photo as well. This is the way liner notes should be done.

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