2887674“Feel the Fire” is the first album from Overkill and it is required Thrash listening! I have never grown tired of this first effort, it is coated with everything that is old school Thrash Metal. From the attitude and lyrics to the blazing guitar, from the blasting beats of the drums to the monstrous bass, the Metal icing on the top is the vocals. “Hammerhead”, “Overkill” and “Feel the Fire” are and always have been my choice cut favorites, yet all 10 songs are solid. The Overkill lineup for their very first here are Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth on vocals, D.D. Verni on bass, Bobby Gustafson on guitar and “Rat” Skates on drums. Make no mistake, this album if released today, would be a huge deal within the Thrash Metal world. “Feel the Fire” launched a legacy for Overkill and it is the right choice for all Metal fans to grab.

2 Responses to “OVERKILL – FEEL THE FIRE”

  1. I love this album so much, but do you ever feel like the drums go completely out of time on occasion?

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