17376117DIO “Lock Up The Wolves” is a really great and powerful Metal album. Just the one song alone, “Born On The Sun” is enough to saturate your Metal senses! This tune is a classic Ronnie James Dio vocal performance, he has that keen ability to make a song so powerful. “Wild One” is a noteable DIO track, it is a song that impacts you from the onset, this song displays the heavier side of DIO. Released in 1990, this is just another DIO album, another Heavy Metal album, that has immense musical relevance to today’s Metal sound. Simon Wright, who spent 7 years as the drummer for AC/DC, joined DIO on this album. The atmospheric keyboards and Rowan Robertson’s heavy & cool guitar licks, compliment alongside the amazing vocal prowess of Ronnie James Dio. “Lock Up The Wolves” lends itself to be years ahead of it’s time with it’s power, the song structures and it’s sound. Great Heavy Metal like this I truly admire, you will too after just one listen.

The DIO lineup for “Lock Up The Wolves”: Ronnie James Dio on lead vocals, Rowan Robertson on guitar, Jens Johansson on keyboards, Teddy Cook on bass and Simon Wright on drums. The liner notes are immensely great, this is a 20 page fold out, with a mini full color poster of the entire band, complete lyrics, and individual band member photos. These liner notes are done the way they should be!

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