8581233I have bought Queensryche’s albums and have seen them live going back to the 1980’s. Obviously I am a fan of Queensryche, purchasing “Take Cover” was the right choice for me. What I am missing here is just a touch more heavieness on the songs, “Innuendo” and “For The Love Of Money” are two examples. “Odissea” sounds very much like an operatic song to me, Geoff Tate does pull off quite a moving performance on this one. My favorite songs on this album are “Neon Knights”, “Welcome To The Machine” and “Synchronicity”. These three songs are stamped with the Queensryche sound and heavienss that I was expecting and have grown used to. Geoff Tate is superb on all the songs, he can hit the high note with the best of them. Musically, this is a sound album, diverse it is. The liner notes list each song, detailing why it was chosen for “Take Cover” and by which band member. There are no lyrics in the liner notes, many credits can be found. For those expecting a knock out of non stop Metal, you will be surprised to hear the diverseness of music and song on “Take Cover” and it is not a bad experience at all.

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