594654-1If you are looking for early Thrash Metal, the old school stuff, here it is. From 1984, “Haunting The Chapel” was Slayer making a bold statement in the Metal world. Never looking for commercial acceptance, no hits to be found, only mind bending, speed defying Thrash Metal fury. All 4 songs were so important to the foundation of not only Slayer’s musical future, this EP was an important blueprint to the future of Thrash Metal. I highly recommend this EP to all Metal fans, especially new fans to Slayer and Thrash Metal. “Haunting The Chapel” is a listen into the infancy of this great genre of Metal and the beginning of a legendary, Grammy winning, iconic band.

Slayer is: Tom Araya on bass & vocals, Kerry King on lead guitar, Jeff Hanneman on lead guitar and Dave Lombardo on drums. The liner notes come with complete lyrics.

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