7828531It is a tremendous thrill to be able to purchase a relatively new Cheap Trick disc, (2006), knowing these guys are still around and making their brand of Rock N’ Roll is uplifting. The entire disc, all 12 songs are filled with energy and enthusiasm you would expect from a band of 20 year olds! These songs and their lyrics are so relevant to today, it is downright refreshing to listen to “Rockford”. “Welcome to the World” is as hard rocking as Cheap Trick gets, “Come On, Come On, Come On” and “Give It Away” have that sliver of Punk attitude that Cheap Trick sometimes bestowed in their earlier days, “If It Takes a Lifetime” is the closest you get to a rocking ballad. “This Time You Got It” is another harder edged rocker that is full of high energy musically and can easily psyche you out and make you feel great! If Cheap Trick set out to make one of their best albums ever, with some of the catchiest songs they ever wrote/played and clever lyrics they have ever written, they succeeded. Robin Zander, Rick Nielsen, Tom Petersson, and Bun E. Carlos may please take a bow!

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