62582661Edguy is an outstanding Power Metal outfit straight from Germany. Thank you Germany, this is as talented of a Power Metal band as any other out there. Lead vocalist Tobias Sammet has incredible vocal range, hitting the high notes with inspired conviction that you can not just here, you can also feel. To compare Tobias to another vocalist, Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden comes to mind, this is an enormous compliment. Tobias has unique vocals, however, the similarities to Bruce Dickinson are feverish. “Holy Water” is a fast paced ballad which touches on human feelings and the inner soul, reaching out for inner peace. You will hear background orchestration on “Holy Water” that essentially sets the mood and imagery that Tobias Sammet was looking to convey, in which he succeeded. “King Of Fools”, “New Age Messiah” and “The Savage Union” are steady catchy rockers, with melodic chorus, keyboards, guitars and rhythm section that seem to melt over one another to form brilliant Power Metal that really works. “Life And Times Of A Bonus Track” is basically a song that sums up how Tobias Sammet interprets the handling of bonus tracks in the music industry. This is a rather amusing and fun song to listen to, I really feel no one else can pull this song off except for Tobias and his eloquent way of telling his story. Of course Tobias has the finest musicians here, Jens Ludwig and Dirk Sauer on guitars, Tobias “Eggi” Exxel on bass and Felix Bohnke on drums. Overall, this EP will entice you to dig deeper into the Edguy catalog and become an instant fan of one highly respected and talented singer/songwriter who is Tobias Sammet.

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