7540798I, without a single doubt in my mind, whole heartedly recommend without a twinge of hesitation, Edguy and their release “Mandrake”. This is glorious, powerful, uplifting, pump you up to the Metal maximum, Power Metal!! This album is as great as it gets with Edguy and/or Power Metal. Tobias Sammet is totally remarkable, his high notes and melodic vocals are the cause of the psych you out shivers I get, up and down my arms and face, as I listen to “Mandrake”. To make the entire Edguy “Mandrake” experience even more incredible is the keyboards, guitars and rhythm section that blends together this epic Metal music. If you are a fan of Helloween or any European Power Metal, this is as legitimate as you will ever hear for this genre. “Tears Of A Mandrake” is over 7 minutes long, once you get into this song you will agree it is not long enough! “The Pharaoh” is over 10 minutes long, once again this song can play on and leave you in awe! “Mandrake” will have you so engrossed into the music, the lyrics and total power of Edguy that you will actually need to devour it again and again! Every song is beyond excellent, I am truly endorsing an album here that is feverishly addicting Power Metal on high! I cannot rant & rave forever about Edguy and “Mandrake”, take my advice when I say each musician in Edguy is talented and gifted at what they do. “Mandrake was released in 2001, what is scary is that Edguy gets better with each future album release. Tobias Sammet is in my opinion, THE Power Metal singer of today, his writing of music and lyrics are second to none in ALL of Metal. Once you buy “Mandrake” and listen to it in it’s entirety, do not thank me, thank Edguy for creating this powerful stuff.

Edguy is: Tobias Sammet on vocals, Jens Ludwig on guitar, Dirk Sauer on guitar, Tobias “Eggi” Exxel on bass and Felix Bohnke on drums. The liner notes are absolutely intense, with 14 pages of expanded artwork, 6 band photos, a two page center spread depicting each band member in separate photos, LYRICS, yes lyrics! Plus plenty of credits and thank yous.

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