9180085Seriously, if you have not purchased an Edguy album ever, now is the time. “Tinnitus Sanctus” is absolutely the best album thus far from Edguy. Well, personally I have enjoyed every Edguy album ever created, yet this is power packed with some of their most mature and dark material they have ever done. You will not find the slick and fun “Lavatory Love Machine” material on this album, the lyrics are deep and emotion filled, however, Tobias Sammet does not go overboard on the serious side either. These songs are reality driven, “The Pride of Creation” is a track that embarks on the philosophical side of religion, albeit done tastefully with class. Overall, Tobias Sammet makes you think about the lyrics throughout this album, this I find very appealing. As for the music itself – brace yourself for what I feel will be the very best Power Metal album of 2009! Very monumental are the guitar leads, addictive are the hooks and melodic power of each song. The energy, the background vocals, the musicianship and of course the lead vocals of Tobias Sammet are as great as Power Metal could ever claim to be. This is one heck of a powerful Metal ride! To me, “Tinnitus Sanctus” is so good, I keep looking at the actual liner notes to make sure I am not imagining things. Definitely, without any reasonable doubt, buy this album and prepare yourself for what should be on every 2009 top album list for Metal. Edguy and Tobias Sammet really raised the Power Metal bar here, it will be raised again by Edguy too.

Edguy are: Tobias Sammet on lead vocals, Jens Ludwig on guitar, Dirk Sauer on guitar, Tobias “Eggi” Exxel on bass and Felix Bohnke on drums. The liner notes are exactly what they should be like, 20 pages of complete lyrics, 4 band photos, individual band member photos, 2 pages of live concert photos, 2009 European tour dates, credits and thank yous.


  1. […] I wrote on this very blog that this album to me, would be the very best Power Metal album of 2009. Well, I really have not strayed from that Metal thought. Tobias Sammet and his band get all the Metal accolades from me for Tinnitus Sanctus. Edguy in my Metal opinion, has to be the most underrated Heavy Metal band in the United States, releasing the most underrated Heavy Metal album of 2009. If you feel like it, you can read a more detailed review I wrote by clicking: EDGUY – TINNITUS SANCTUS […]

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