8516867Whoa, is this a fabulous Metal album! If you are into Metal and Horror, then Appointment With Death is a match made in Metal heaven! Lizzy Borden Appointment With Death is as diversified as Metal gets. This is by far, one of the best and most unique of all Metal albums released in the last few years. You will never nail down the exact Metal genre of Lizzy Borden, all you can do is listen, then be thrilled and blown away! The lyrics are death & horror themed and musically Lizzy Borden is as powerful a talent as any band in the Metal world.

Lizzy’s vocals are taylor made for Power Metal, yet he vocally maneuvers depending on the song and moment. Abnormal has a really cool Punk Rock chorus happening throughout, while Appointment With Death and Bloody Tears are in my Metal opinion, all out Thrash Metal. The heavy onslaught of these two songs are worth the purchase of this album alone.

Live Forever is a catchy Heavy Metal song that has that Power Metal flavor and vibe oozing from it’s every crevice. Tomorrow Never Comes is absolutely one of the best Metal songs I have ever listened to. Coupled with Lizzy’s vocals and insanely intense guitar playing of Ira Black, I am left amazed and in a state of Metal euphoria! Under Your Skin is a Progressive Metal approach that Rocks as hard as it shocks.

The Darker Side is what would be considered the slowest song on this album, yet it is heavy lined and sinister with all the moody darkness you come to expect from Lizzy Borden. Trust me, this song is the perfect ending to this outstanding album.

I could go on forever about how outrageously great this album is, take my Metal word for it, you are getting quite the Horror Metal package here from Lizzy Borden’s Appointment With Death. This is really, really, really a must own for every Heavy Metal (or) Hard Rock fan. I have pled my Metal case for Lizzy Borden Appointment with Death, the rest is up to you!

George Lynch plays lead guitar on The Death of Love. The liner notes are insanely great, with 20 pages! It is basically a book, loaded with complete lyrics, song and musician credits, 9 pages of band photos (very cool), extended credits and thank yous.

* For more info on LIZZY BORDEN, click on the links below:

LIZZY BORDEN – Official Website

LIZZY BORDEN – Official facebook





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