85359261As I always say, in my opinion, Helloween is one of the greatest Power Metal bands to ever play. On my own personal list I rank Helloween as number one for Power Metal. “Gambling With the Devil” will not disappoint any Metal fan of any genre. How can you not acknowledge such musical prowess as this? The speed is at times borderline thrash on the cut “Kill It”, while “Can Do It”, “I.M.E.”, “As Long As I Fall” and “Heaven Tells No Lies” are true to the pedal, pump you up Power Metal thrills! Andi Deris is as amazing as ever on vocals, the total musical package is jaw dropping, the entire band deserves a bow for this great Power Metal accomplishment. Do yourself a favor, if you are even considering purchasing “Gambling With the Devil” consider no more, just buy it and be thankful Helloween exists.


  1. This is next on my Helloween to-buy list. “The Bells Of Seven Hells” is fantastic, can’t wait to get the album.

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