4547333I am not going to lie, I am a die hard Motorhead fan, always will be, forever. With that said, “Hammered”, like any other Motorhead release out there, is a great start for anyone who has never bought Motorhead. “Hammered” gives you the raw Motorhead Metal crunch that has never been mistaken as any other band out there. “Walk A Crooked Mile” and “Voices From the War” are two great tracks to marvel at, yet the rest of “Hammered” is just as powerful too. Lemmy’s trademark vocals are just as lean, mean and raspy as they were twenty years or more ago. “Hammered” is for all Motorhead fans who know they are getting some heavy Rock & Roll here, for new listeners, just enjoy a legendary band that never pretends. Motorhead leads, while so many other bands have followed.

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