8660157As I see it, Bullet For My Valentine have released a few cool albums, now they are a powerful and solid Metal unit. Yes, “Hearts Burst Into Fire” and “Forever And Always” are a tad more melodic and mellow than we are used to from this fine band. In a Metal nutshell, I really like these songs, the melodic, mellow sound and flow to these two songs make for an outstanding listen and only certifies that Bullet For My Valentine has a long future of great music ahead. I am always relieved to see that there are young Metal bands out there with integrity and talent, to keep the flame of Metal burning bright for new generations. “Scream Aim Fire”, “Eye Of The Storm” and “Waking The Demon” are by no means Pop music here, these guys can Thrash when they want to. The musical labels have been thrown about in regards to this album and band, my label is pure and simple: Metal. Quality Metal like this is well worth owning, this has been an album that I continue to play since my purchasing it in early Spring of 2008. I have yet to tire from this new material. Matt Tuck on vocals diversifies throughout, he has shined as a lyricist on this one. Bullet For My Valentine can really play and play very heavy too.

The liner notes are great, with 16 pages of complete lyrics, a 2 page photo of the band and credits. Bullet For My Valentine are: Matt Tuck (vocals & guitar), Moose Thomas (drums), Jay James (bass & vocals) & Padge (guitar).

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