9031816If you have not listened to or purchased “The March” by Unearth, please do not waste any more time waiting. This is one of the best Metal releases of 2008. Unearth unveils their brand of brutal, ferocious thrash that obviously overrides any past achievements they have done. This album begins with “My Will Be Done”, brace yourself because this opener begins faster than you can blink and the grinding Metal onslaught delivered here will make you a believer in Unearth. Sure, there are flirtations with melody on “The March” yet it is packaged with incredibly fast fret work, explosively relentless drumming and bass that could crack concrete if played loud enough. The vocals are commanding, almost carrying you through this metal firestorm and Trevor Phipps makes you realize how important great vocals are in Extreme Metal. Unearth is: Trevor Phipps on vocals, Buz McGrath and Ken Susi on guitars, John “Slo” Maggard on bass and Derek Kerswill on drums. The liner notes are excellent with complete lyrics, a continuation of artistic images based on the front cover theme and a cool band photo. This is not the “same old song and dance” here if you find yourself pondering this album, this is “The March” and Unearth has staked their claim in the Thrash Metal world. Unearth is part of a new era of aggressive Metal and I feel fortunate to be around for it.

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