8775328After a decade of waiting, wait no more. Whitesnake is back and well worth the listen! David Coverdale has his vocals tuned into 1986 all over again, in other words his vocals are ageless. This is everything you could expect to hear from Whitesnake, the ballads, the melodic metal overflowing with guitar riffs, solos and memorable lyrics that you can sing along to when no one is looking. “All I Want All I Need” is my favorite track here and it is a ballad, if you are in love then this one really goes straight to the heart. “Lay Down Your Love” is the radio hit that has that David Coverdale swagger written all over it, just by the songs arrangement and lyrics, this is a classic Whitesnake song already. “Summer Rain” is another amazing ballad that will have you convinced that lyrically this is one of David Coverdale’s best yet. There are the rockers here too, with “All For Love” and “Ready To Rock”. The second CD is really neat, it has all live versions of past Whitesnake songs, including the hits “The Deeper The Love” and “Give Me All Your Love Tonight”. The overall sound and production of the live recordings are top notch. A great extra on disc 2 is the enhanced video for “Ready To Rock”, this is a cool video showing Whitesnake performing somewhere in an outdoor arena, focusing mainly on Coverdale himself throughout. The current Whitesnake band, besides Coverdale on vocals, is: Doug Aldrich on lead guitar (who keeps the signature Whitesnake sound alive and strong), Reb Beach on guitar, Timothy Drury on keyboards, Uriah Duffy on bass and Chris Frazier on drums. A comeback well done Whitesnake!

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