7940295After 30 years we are blessed as a Heavy Metal community to have Motorhead still giving to us their incredible gift of Rock & Roll. There is no doubt that Lemmy and the gang are still very capable of delivering as awesome an offering of their brand of Metal today, as they have done 20 or more years ago. “Kiss of Death” is a MUST buy for every Motorhead fan, Heavy Metal fans should be gobbling up this potent punch of crunch and feeling thankful that Motorhead still rocks today. There is not one flaw on this disc, Lemmy, Phil and Mickey can take a bow. To pick a favorite or group of favorite tunes off this disc is impossible. All Motorhead songs created by Lemmy are meant to educate the masses on how Rock & Roll should be, blunt, straight to the point, fun, LOUD and darn right nuts. BUY this latest Motorhead studio release “Kiss of Death”, it will serve you right.

2 Responses to “MOTORHEAD – KISS OF DEATH”

  1. Motorhead 1st band I saw way back in the mists of time 1983

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Wow… you saw Motörhead during the real “Old School” days, um, I mean daze! 1983… that was around when “Another Perfect Day” was released too. My favorite song from that album is “One Track Mind”. Awesome \m/

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