32068631I am convinced that this is my favorite Kiss album of all time. “Love Gun” has all four original members, each getting their turn to sing on this one. Paul Stanley gives his harmonious and melodic vocals to “I Stole Your Love” with a touch of Hard Rock angst. “Shock Me” is delivered by Ace Frehley not just vocally, the guitar work here is pristine and quite famous. “Hooligan” is a song by Peter Criss that has the vintage Hard Rock Kiss attitude illuminating from it at all angles! “Almost Human” by Gene Simmons has that dark, Metal touch searing from it from start to finish. “Then She Kissed Me” is the cover song that is by far the most commercial track found here, despite the friendly tone and lyrics to this track it still is Kiss. I owned this album on vinyl going back to the ’70’s, I still have to frequently listen to it on CD now.

I guess this album has definitely grown on me, it sounds better now than it ever has! The liner notes are really cool, with original artwork of the “Love Gun” and plenty of credits. No lyrics are in the liner notes. New Kiss fans just have to add this album to their collection, veteran Kiss fans should upgrade with a new copy if necessary! Any fan of great Hard Rock albums will appreciate the entire structure, originality and selection of songs found here.

2 Responses to “KISS – LOVE GUN”

  1. Nice review. My fav album is ROCK AND ROLL OVER, by FAR. Probably because it was recorded on stage, which seemed to capture the “energy” of their awesome mid seventies live show. Love Gun is NO SLOUCH, though.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Thanks Heff! I have been quoted (and written), that “Creatures Of The Night” is my favorite KISS album ever as well. I “flip-flop” due to my being a KISSAHOLIC and can’t fight it, nor can I control it.

      That’s a darn cool fact to know about “Rock And Roll Over”… being recorded on stage. That album is a KISS Klassic.


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