89922721The world of Heavy Metal knows that the words melodic and heavy do coexist and have coexisted since early Black Sabbath. Despite what some professional critics might say, melodic Heavy Metal exists and is well represented by many Metal bands of all Metal genres. Step in please, Amon Amarth! “Twilight Of The Thundergod” is melodic & heavy Death Metal that embodies the lyrics of cool Viking tales and lore. The Viking, Melodic & Heavy Death Metal is pronounced with authority here, Amon Amarth has created an undisputedly awe inspiring arrangement of songs with this album. The lyrics are intelligent and fun with riffs galore, thunderous blast beats and chugging, growling vocals. Apocalyptica performs beautifully on “Live For The Kill”. Yes, the word beautiful can be attributed here, it is o.k. to have cellos appear in Heavy Metal.

When arrangements allow, you can create any kind of incredible Metal, music is truly infinite and Amon Amarth have proven this. Roope Latvala appears on “Twilight Of The Thundergod”, carving into this song an amazing solo that enhances the total heavy musical structure. I most highly recommend “Twilight Of The Thundergod” to all Metal fans worldwide! Listen and enjoy the melodic heaviness of this Death Metal band. Amon Amarth gets my standing ovation for this album, it definitely is one of the best Metal albums of 2008 and mightily one of the heaviest as well.

Amon Amarth is: Johan Hegg on vocals, Olavi Mikkonen on guitar, Ted Lundstrom on bass, Johan Soderberg on guitar and Fredrik Andersson on drums.

Photo credit: Steve Brown




  1. […] Swedish viking metallers Amon Amarth and Indiana’s 3 Floyds brewing have announced the release of an imperial/strong porter called Ragnarok. Taking a look at the cover of their album Twilight of the Thunder Gods you can see that it is quite an appropriate name. My friend Stone over at Metal Odyssey has a great review of this album, here. […]

  2. I love the title track so much.

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