8765552Children Of Bodom is without a doubt, one of todays leaders of the Thrash Metal movement. Alexi Laiho and his brilliant guitar shredding, the infamous keyboards used throughout, coupled with dark melodies and moods makes “Blooddrunk” an instant classic. No other Thrash band can make it work with keyboards like Children Of Bodom can. Every song is so intense both musically and with the vocals, each song deliberately engages in some of the most aggressive and speed infused Thrash you will ever hear. After each listen to this album, I can only say Whoa! Children Of Bodom fans know what they are going to buy here, for those unfamiliar with COB, well, brace yourself for the loudest, fastest and fiercest Thrash experience that is currently happening today! I especially appreciate the hidden track found here, for it is a cover song of “Ghost Riders In The Sky”. I cannot say just how many times I have hit the repeat button for this song, it is that outrageously fantastic! It is a fabulous way to bring an end to this album, with a classic song that you can scream along to and enjoy. Really, COB added their style of Thrash to the scene and have never looked back. I urge all Thrash, Death, and Extreme Metal fans to buy this album and enjoy it like I have.

The liner notes are very cool, (a 12 page multi-fold) with individual photos of each band member and lots of credits. As with all Children Of Bodom albums, there are no lyrics, they are not that necessary when the music is this incredible.

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