527399Black Sabbath “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” is a tried and true Heavy Metal classic. Every song is a definitive statement of just how talented and forward thinking Black Sabbath was in 1974. These 8 songs are a journey of surreal riffs, post psychedelic musical heaviness, that molded Heavy Metal into what it has become today. The opener “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” has a lead riff that instantly prepares you for the remaining set of songs. The instrumental “Fluff” could only work for Black Sabbath on this album, it’s convenient yet prominent position within these songs makes complete sense. “Fluff” and it’s acoustic beauty embarks on the intelligence Black Sabbath held onto. Ozzy Osbourne is so unmistakably eerie on vocals, he was and always shall be one of a kind. Tony Iommi delves into the world of heavy riffs, formulating one after another throughout, unknowingly becoming the Metal riff king for all time. Geezer Butler on bass and Bill Ward on drums provide a legendary rhythm section, that shapes the dark moodiness of this beyond fantastic Metal masterpiece. I strongly urge any and all Heavy Metal or Hard Rock fans to add “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” to their music collection, it is an essential and important work of Heavy Metal.


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    I agree Sabbath Bloody sabbath is a brilliant album and all true metal fans should have this album in their collection. However, In my view the first Black Sabbath album is my own particular favourite. Its a truly dark and an amazing metal album with an almost live feel about it. Is this the 1st Heavy metal album ever ? I think so and the riffs from the title track have influnced many other great metal bands since. Example; Electric Wizard/Pantera/SOAD/Metallica and many more.

    • Not my favorite Black Sabbath album (that belongs to Mob Rules) it is my favorite Ozzy era album and the title track is an instant classic. I don’t own the album myself, I still know all the songs off of it and it contains some of the best material the band ever wrote with Ozzy. Earlier this year in May I was at a record store looking for this album and I couldn’t find it on cd, but they did have it on vinyl and I considered buying it, but it would have cost me 50$ and I wasn’t willing to pay 50$ for something I don’t even have the equipment to play it. While at the record store, I did pick up some other metal vinyls like Def Leppard’s On Through the Night, Saxon’s The Eagle Has Landed, and Dokken’s Beast from the East. Although I can’t play them, they were in very nice condition and are my first vinyls. I was also looking at a vinyl release of Rising by Rainbow, but that would also cost me 50$ when I could get the six other vinyls for a total of 30$ (I also got Van Halen’s 5150, a promo single of Hot For Teacher, and a 7″ promo of She’s the Woman). Anyways, my blog is back if you wanted to check it out and this time I plan to keep it running for good.

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