6994666For Children of Bodom fans, we know this much, Alexi Laiho is an unreal guitarist. For those who are not familiar with COB, once you take a listen to “Trashed, Lost & Strung Out” you should agree, Alexi Laiho is a guitar legend in the making. I should also mention Alexi Laiho’s vocals are not too shabby either. This is a great Thrash EP to get your hands on, for the enhanced CD contains the music video for “Trashed, Lost & Strung Out” plus video footage of COB’s night out titled, “Trashed & Lost In Helsinki”. The latter is hilariously entertaining, watching the band interact with each other during a night out on the town. The music video is done well, with Alexi at the forefront leading the way. “Bed Of Nails” is an Alice Cooper cover, let me say that COB give this song their edge and trademark sound, the great Alice Cooper should be proud! COB have proven that Thrash and a keyboard can coexist. The keyboard element actually gives the music extra muscle, in my own Metal opinion. With four incredible Thrash tunes to listen to, one music video plus the extra band footage, how can you go wrong? This is one for every COB fan and all Thrash Metal fans alike!

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