8805796Dokken “Lightning Strikes Again” is a satisfying melodic Metal experience, Don Dokken and Jon Levin have collaborated on the song writing, with the exceptions of “I Remember” and “How I Miss Your Smile” written by Don Dokken and “Disease” written by Don Dokken and Mick Brown. This is excellence in song writing, song structure , vocal harmony and lyrics. The ballads “I Remember” and “How I Miss Your Smile” make for cool breaks between the heavier songs, sung with Dokken’s mellow vocal brilliance. “Standing On The Outside”, “Give Me A Reason” and “Heart To Stone” will sound reminiscent of 1980’s Dokken, hearing the original Dokken sound on some of these songs is a flashback well worth listening to. “Disease”, “Release Me” and “It Means” have a more current sound, both vocally and musically. Dokken has put together quite an enjoyable mix of their original sound, ballads and metal, while still accomplishing a current sound you can hear and feel. The liner notes are terrific, with 16 pages of full lyrics, band photos and credits. Dokken is: Don Dokken (lead vocals), Jon Levin (guitar), Barry Sparks (bass) and Mick Brown (drums, vocals).

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