4883362Saliva is a Hard Rock band that really walks that fine line with Heavy Metal. On “Back Into Your System”, the opening track “Superstar ll” is clearly Metal. This song is a far out way to start this album. “Back Into Your System” is my favorite track here, it combines the flavor of both Hard Rock and Metal both musically and vocally. This is how the entire album is arranged quite honestly, the songs are structured where melody is heard throughout, yet the music and vocals do bestow their heaviness. The backing vocals throughout this album are evident and done right. There are plenty of mellow breaks to be found, yet that does not detract from what Saliva accomplishes here, this is one legitimate heavy hitter. “Raise Up” is Hard Rock meets Rap, sprinkled with a touch of Metal. “Pride” is the heaviest song with plenty of attitude and patriotism, this is the track that gets the volume turned up! “Famous Monsters” is the ballad that has edginess and melancholy written all over it, not a sappy tune at all. It is safe to say that Saliva incorporates a few genres of Rock on this album, mixing it up and delivering a rock solid album of 12 songs. Josey Scott on vocals proves he can sing the crunch along with the mellow. Wayne Swinny on lead guitar is a treat to listen to and Chris D. (rhythm guitar), Dave Novotny (bass) and Paul Crosby (drums) rounds out this fine band. The liner notes are done right with full lyrics, credits and band photos. If you are into melodious Hard Rock that flirts with heaviness musically, “Back Into Your System” will be an enjoyable and repeated listen.

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